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    Economy Class


    • Complimentary meals or snacks and complimentary tea, coffee and water on all flights.
    • Complimentary beer, wine, cider and soft drinks on flights departing between 5pm and 7pm, Monday to Friday.
    • In-flight entertainment using own devices on some other aircraft.
    • Seat pitch of 30 inch and 17 inch width on 737s.
    • Blankets and pillows not available.

    Short Haul International

    • As with domestic economy with the addition of an included meal service

    Business Class


    • Complimentary meals and drinks including superior meals and alcoholic beverages, a three-course menu and snacks on all flights.
    • Audio video on demand through handheld devices on 737s.
    • Seat pitch of 38 inches on 737s.
    • Newspapers offered.
    • Blankets, pillows and amenity kit provided on flights over 3 hours on 737s.

    Short Haul International

    • Similar to domestic business class with the following additions: blanket, pillow and amenity kit provided regardless of flight time.
    • Originally named Virgin Blue, first flight was from Brisbane to Sydney on August 31st 2000
    • Australia’s first major and successful low-cost airline
    • Launched international arms to New Zealand and the South Pacific in 2004
    • Launched long haul, full-service international division named V Australia in 2009
    • Commenced change from low-cost carrier to self-proclaimed ‘new world carrier’ in 2011 positioning itself somewhere between low-cost and full-service carrier
    • Changed name to Virgin Australia on May 4th 2011
    • Singapore Airlines bought 10% stake in October 2012.
    • Bought Perth-based Skywest Airlines and 60% share of Tiger Airways Australia in same year
    • Receivership caused by COVID. Bain Capital purchased the airline and has restructured.
    • Has over 80 aircraft and through alliances with Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, Etihad and Delta Airlines offers worldwide travel options
    • Boeing 737

    Cancellations and lengthy delays
    If your flight is cancelled, VA will offer an alternative flight on our services to get you to your destination at no additional cost. If your flight is delayed, you will be entitled to refreshment vouchers at 2-hour intervals while you are in the airport awaiting your delayed service. If the delay is 2 hours or more, you will be able to move to another Virgin Australia service to the same destination at no further cost. If your service is delayed until the next day and you are not at your home port, we will pay for hotel accommodation and transport to/from the hotel. We will also pay for up to $50 per room per night for meals.

    Where your flight is delayed or cancelled as a result of an Event Beyond our Control such as political unrest, weather delays, natural disaters and strikes, whether you have checked in or not, the compensation as outlined above does not apply.  VA will  endeavour to rebook you on the next available flight on our services at no additional cost to you, alternatively, if we are unable to rebook you on services acceptable to you, we will refund the applicable fare. We will not be responsible for paying any other costs or expenses you may incur as a result of the delay or cancellation

    Denied Boarding
    Airline flights may be overbooked. This means there is a slight chance that there may be more reservations than available seats on your flight. In these circumstances, we will offer an incentive for volunteers not to travel on their booked flight.  If there are not enough volunteers, we may need to deny boarding to one or more Passengers involuntarily.

    You will be entitled to refreshment vouchers at 2-hour intervals while you are in the airport awaiting your service.

    If we’re unable to offer you an alternative flight until the next day and you are not at your home port, we will pay for hotel accommodation and transport to/from the hotel. We will also pay for up to $50 per room per night for meals.

    For Domestic and Short Haul International flights, if you are not moved to an alternative Virgin Australia flight that is within 2 hours from your original departure time, you will be provided with a credit. The value of any credits will be determined by Virgin Australia (consideration will be given to your departure port and disruption time).

    Passengers also have the choice to take a refund. No other compensation will be offered if a refund is taken.

    For passengers denied boarding in the US, click here for information on compensation

    If damage to the baggage is of a kind that can be immediately ascertained (such as broken wheels or handles, tears or missing contents) or the bag itself is missing,  the passenger must, on the same day and before leaving the arrival hall report the damage/loss to either the VA counter or other baggage services. If your baggage has been delivered to you late after being lost, you can apply to VA together with the documents indicating the expenditures you have made until the delivery of your baggage for reimbursement.

    The airlines liability for the destruction, Loss of, damage to or delay in the carriage of baggage, subject to applicable defences, is as follows:where the Warsaw Convention applies, our liability is limited to 17 SDRs (approximately EUR20) for each kilo of a passenger’s checked baggage and 332 SDRs (approximately EUR380) for a passenger’s cabin baggage; where the Montreal Convention applies, our liability is limited to a total of 1,131 SDRs (approximately EUR1,272) per passenger for both checked and cabin baggage together. However, in the case of unchecked baggage, we are only liable if at fault.

    Lengthy Tarmac delays at US airports click here

    See the airline Conditions of Carriage here

    For details of legislative obligations under EU regulation click here

    NOTE: Conditions of Carriage refer to the country of origin and may not be applicable to all jurisdictions.

    To lodge a complaint with the airline, click here

    To lodge a complaint with the EU click here

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