Friday, January 18, 2019
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United new uniforms

United unveils its new rhapsody in blue

Delta Air Lines had Passport Plum and now United Airlines has revealed spiffy new uniforms featuring colors such as “Rhapsody Blue’, “Premium Purple” and...
Emirates closes offices

Emirates to shut four Australian offices

Emirates is shutting its Melbourne ticketing office as well as its city offices in Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide as it restructures its customer service...
WestJet Dreamliner first delivery

WestJet takes delivery of its first Boeing 787

Canada’s WestJet has taken delivery of its first Boeing 787 Dreamliner and will begin domestic flights between Toronto and its home base of Calgary...
Etihad biofuel slat trial

Fishy Etihad biofuel trial a plus for desert regions

Scientists at Etihad Airways’ home base of Abu Dhabi have come up with a way of letting the masses eat fish cake and fly...
Virgin economy comfort

Virgin ahead of the pack in long-haul economy comfort

Passengers in the know can still find comfortable economy options on long-haul routes thanks to airlines such as Virgin Australia. The 13-hour journey between Australia...
Qantas App

Qantas’s ultimate frequent traveler App

Qantas has created what is the ultimate frequent traveler tool – a mobile phone app which seamlessly schedules a trip from start to finish. The...


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How Boeing’s supersized 747 factory almost ended up in California

The world’s biggest building and home of the iconic Boeing 747, which rolled out 50...

The Brabazon was to be the palace of the skies

It was to be the palace of the sky carrying just 100 passengers in incredible...

Passenger etiquette in 1953 banned wide brim hats

In 1953 airline passenger etiquette was not about using bad language but ladies not wearing...


Qantas cabin crew

Top 20 Safest Airlines For 2018 the world’s only safety and product rating website has announced its Top 20 safest airlines for 2018 from the 409 it monitors. THE TOP...
Air New Zealand split operations two

World’s Best Airlines for 2018

The results are in for world's best airlines for 2018 The world’s best airlines for 2018 have been announced with Air New Zealand taking out...

Etihad to be first with mobile and Wi-Fi across fleet

Etihad Airways today reached a major milestone with the deployment of mobile and internet connectivity across its entire fleet of 24 Boeing 777 passenger...


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