Blaine Gibson debris hunter

MH370: Debris hunter says new search will find it.

Blaine Gibson, the real-life Indiana Jones in the search for MH370, says the new effort to find the missing Boeing 777 due to start...
MH370 Boeing 777 search Malaysia

MH370: Timeline

Below are the key dates in the tragic disappearance of MH370.2014March 8: Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, a Boeing 777-200ER, missing on a flight from KL...
IATA shares soar airlines

Airline share prices soared 29pc in 2017

Global airline share prices outpaced global equity markets to rise 29 per cent in 2017 on the back of robust industry-wide profit margins that...

Qantas questions fuel efficiency report

Australian carrier Qantas says a report labeling it the least fuel-efficient major airline on trans-Pacific routes does not accurately reflect its operations.An analysis of...


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World's Best Airlines for 2018
The world’s best airlines for 2018 have been announced with Air New Zealand taking out the top “airline of the year” award. Other award categories include the best economy, best business class, and best low-cost carrier.




Passengers share a smoke in the aircraft lounge

In-flight entertainment in the golden age of flying

In the golden age of flying in-flight entertainment was very different to today.During the 1950s...

Boeing’s 737: The plane that almost never was.

Many at Boeing never wanted to build the world’s bestselling and most reliable plane and...

Qantas updates the flying kangaroo

A reimagined roo, a funky font and a tip of the hat to times past.Qantas...


AirlineRatings, Airline of the Year goes to Air New Zealand,

World’s Best Airlines for 2018

The results are in for world's best airlines for 2018 The world’s best airlines for 2018 have been announced with Air New Zealand taking out...
Top 20 Safest Airlines For 2018

Top 20 Safest Airlines For 2018 the world’s only safety and product rating website has announced its Top 20 safest airlines for 2018 from the 409 it monitors. THE TOP...
Virgin Atlantic is always among the Top Ten Airlines

World’s Top Ten Airlines

World's Top Ten Airlines 2018 has announced its Airline Excellence Awards and it's Top Ten airlines for 2018.Heading the list is Air New Zealand...