Friday, October 18, 2019
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Cathay IFE quadruple

Cathay quadruples inflight entertainment offering

A big boost to Cathay Pacific’s inflight entertainment means customers can now fly non-stop around the world 45 times without watching the same thing...
JetBlue and Norwegian

JetBlue, Norwegian to link networks with promise of cheaper fares.

JetBlue and Norwegian Air plan to join forces in an interline agreement they say will boost competition and provide cheaper fares across the Atlantic. They...

Qantas to monitor pilots on record-breaking trial flights

Qantas is working with sleep researchers from the Cooperative Research Centre for Alertness, Safety and Productivity (Alertness CRC) to carry out research on pilots...

With 55 hours in the air the Turtle outperformed Qantas’ nonstop...

The Turtle outperformed Qantas' Boeing 787 New York to Sydney nonstop attempt, over 73 years ago. And the story of the Turtle in 1946 is just...

Qatar Airways’ inflight dining experience soars

How do you improve on the best in the air? Well, a good way is to increase the size of the portions. And that is exactly...

Myanmar Airways International soars on seven-star safety rating

Established in 1993, Myanmar Airways International (MAI) has been recently awarded 7-star safety rating by, the world’s only safety, and product rating agency. MAI...
All Nippon Airways

All Nippon Airways soars on inflight excellence and service

All Nippon Airways -- ANA -- is one of the world’s leading airlines, can trace its heritage back to 1952 but was able to...

The spectacular rise of

Vietjet Air has grown in size more than most predicted benefiting not only the tourism but the business sector in the region.  First launched in December 2011, it was the first private airline in Vietnam to...

The rise and rise of AirAsia

AirAsia is continuing its spectacular growth with new services across key destinations including Australia, China, Japan, Korea and India, new product and new planes. Australia...
qatar Airways

Qatar Airways latest superjet revealed

Qatar Airways latest superjet, revealed this month, is called by airline executives an absolute peach and passengers will just love it. Boeing’s new 777X that...


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Stunning colour video of the 707 that started the jetset in 1959. has obtained this stunning colour video of the 707 that started the jet set in...

Colour video of the magnificent stratocruiser jumbo of the 1950s

This colour video of the magnificent stratocruiser jumbo of the 1950s  brings to life what...
aircraft's wing

Would you be happy to fly in an aircraft’s wing?

Would you be happy to fly in an aircraft's wing? Many would have seen the viral...


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