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    Economy (Fiesta Class)

    • Snacks and/or meals with beverages served on flights longer than 45 minutes
    • Audio/Video On Demand on 777-300s, A350s and most A330; shared cabin screens available on other aircraft
    • Seat pitch of 31 to 32 inch with up to 6 inch recline; seats at bulkhead or in emergency exit rows can be reserved for a fee
    • Blanket, pillow and amenity kit available on long haul flights
    • Baggage allowance of no less than 20kg but varies with flight and ticket purchased

    Premium Economy

    • Only available on the A350 aircraft
    • Full meal, snack and beverage service superior to that in economy
    • Audio/Video On Demand
    • Seat pitch of 38 inch with up to 8 inch recline and 19 inch width;
    • Blanket, pillow and amenity kit available on long haul flights
    • Baggage allowance of no less than 20kg but varies with flight and ticket purchased

    Business (Mabuhay Class)

    • Superior multi course meal and beverages offered
    • Audio/Video On Demand available on 777-300s, A350s, A330s, A320s, A321s and A319s; personal screens with no on demand function on A340s
    • Seat pitch varies from 36 to 40 inch on single aisle aircraft and 52 to 57 inch on twin aisle aircraft and have standard business recline; seating in 2-2 configuration on single aisle aircraft. Angled lie flat beds available on 777s; fully lie flat beds on A340s, A321s and A350s; WiFi and in seat power available on the A321 and A350 aircraft.
    • Luxury pillow, blanket and amenity kit provided on long haul flights
    • Baggage allowance of no less than 30kg but varies with flight and ticket purchased
    • Commenced service in 1941 and remains national flag carrier of the Philippines
    • Once was one of the largest Asian airlines
    • Currently serves destinations in Asia, Australia, Canada and America
    • A319
    • A320
    • A321
    • A330
    • A340
    • 777-300
    • A350
    • PAL Express

    Cancellations or lengthy delays
    If due to circumstances beyond our control, including but not limited to adverse weather orairtraffic control delays, we cancel or delay a flight; are unable to provide previously confirmed space; fail to stop at your Stopover or destination point; or cause you to miss a connecting flight on which you hold a reservation, we shall, at your option, either:
    (a) carry you on another of our scheduled services on which space is available;
    (b) within a reasonable period of time re-route you to the destination indicated on your Ticket or applicable portion of your Ticket by our own scheduled services or the scheduled services of another Carrier, or by means of surface transportation.

    If cancellation or delay is due to adverse weather or to air traffic control delays, we shall be under no immediate obligation to comply with the above or to provide for the cost of telephone calls, accommodation, refreshments or transportation although we shall make reasonable efforts to assist you as best we can in the prevailing circumstances.

    Denied Boarding
    When passengers are denied boarding on a flight, the full value of the first remaining flight coupon plus the amount of One Hundred Fifty Pesos (PHP150.00), Philippine Currency for domestic flights will be compensated to the passenger.  For international flights, the denied boarding compensation shall be in an amount equivalent to Two Thousand Pesos (PHP2,000.00) Philippine Currency if the passenger opts to avail of the hotel accommodations and Five Thousand Pesos (PHP5,000.00) Philippine Currency if the Passenger will not avail of the hotel accommodations.  In either case, the Passenger shall be entitled to a free of charge roundtrip ticket for the flight segment where the passenger was denied boarding, subject to the carrier’s limitations and conditions.

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