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    Product Rating 3/5

    Rating Criteria

    COVID-19 Star Rating Breakdown 7/7

    Rating Criteria

    • All aircraft are in economy only configuration
    • Snacks and beverages available for purchase on board; hot meals can be pre-ordered and pre-paid on line prior to flight
    • No in flight entertainment but WiFi available for a fee on the A330 aircraft
    • Seat pitch of 29 to 30 inch with minimal recline on single aisle aircraft, pitch of 30 inch on the A330, selection of seats with more legroom can be made at time of booking for additional fee; A330 aircraft have an extra ninth seat fitted across the cabin making the seat width a narrow 16 inch
    • No blankets and pillows
    • Baggage allowance of up to 45kg must be purchased at time of booking to avoid high charges at airport
    • Commenced services in March 1996
    • Initially only domestic operations but launched international operations in November 2001
    • Now flies to 64 tourist/business destinations within Asia
    • Operates 67 mainly Airbus aircraft
    • First local airline to introduce e-ticketing, prepaid excess baggage and seat selection in the Philippines
    • A319
    • A320
    • ATR 72-500
    • A330

    COVID-19 Compliance (7/7)

    – COVID-19 website information and instructions
    – Social distancing onboarding
    – Flight attendant Personal Protection Equipment
    – Face masks compulsory
    – Meal service modified
    – Passenger Sanitizer Kit
    – Deep clean of aircraft

    Cancellations and lengthy delays
    In case of flight cancellation attributable to the carrier i.e. aircraft or crewing issues, a passenger shall have the right to:

    – Be provided with the following, if he/she is already at the airport at the time of the announcement of the flight cancellation: sufficient refreshments or meals (e.g. snacks consisting of at least a bottle of water and a sandwich, or breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or a voucher for the same, as the case may be); hotel accommodation (conveniently accessible from the airport); transportation from the airport to the hotel, free phone calls, text or e-mails, and first aid, if necessary; and

    – Reimbursement of the value of the fare, including taxes and surcharges, of the sector cancelled, or both/all sectors, in case the passenger decides not to fly the ticket or all the routes/sectors; or

    – Be endorsed to another air carrier without paying any fare difference, at the option of the passenger, and provided that space and other circumstances permit such re-accommodation; or

    – Rebook the ticket, without additional charge, to the next flight with available space, or, within thirty (30) days, to a future trip within the period of validity of the ticket. However, for rebooking made in excess of the aforementioned thirty (30) days for a trip likewise within the validity of the ticket, fees and/or fare difference shall apply.

    Provided, that in case a carrier cancels a flight at least twenty-four (24) hours before the ETD, it shall not be liable for the foregoing amenities, except, it shall be obliged to notify the passenger, and, in accordance with the preceding provisions, to rebook or reimburse the passenger, at the option of the latter.

    If the air carrier cancels the flight because of force majeure, safety and/or security reasons, as certified by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines, a passenger shall have the right to be reimbursed for the full value of the fare.

    Flight Delays

    In case of Terminal Delay of at least three (3) hours after the ETD, whether or not such is attributable to the carrier, a passenger shall have the right to:

    – Be provided with refreshments or meals (sufficient snacks, breakfast, lunch, or dinner, as the case may be), free phone calls, text or e-mails, and first aid, if necessary; and

    – Rebook or refund his/her ticket

    – In case such Terminal Delay extends to at least six (6) hours after the ETD for causes attributable to the carrier, it shall be deemed cancelled for the purpose of making available to the passenger the rights and amenities required to be provided in case of actual cancellation (see above)

    Denied Boarding
    Airline flights may be overbooked. This means there is a slight chance that there may be more reservations than available seats on your flight. In these circumstances, we will offer an incentive for volunteers not to travel on their booked flight.  If there are not enough volunteers, we may need to deny boarding to one or more Passengers involuntarily.

    The air carrier shall provide the interested passengers or volunteers a list of amenities and offers, which they can choose from, which list of amenities shall always include the option to be given priority booking in the next flight with available space or to be endorsed to another air carrier upon payment of any fare difference, and provided that space and other circumstances permit such accommodation, at the option of the passenger, and/or a cash incentive.

    In case the number of volunteers is not enough to resolve the overbooking, the air carrier shall increase the compensation package by certain degrees or by adding more amenities/services until the required number of volunteers is met.

    If damage to the baggage is of a kind that can be immediately ascertained (such as broken wheels or handles, tears or missing contents) or the bag itself is missing,  the passenger must, on the same day and before leaving the arrival hall report the damage/loss to either the Jetstar counter or other baggage services. If your baggage has been delivered to you late after being lost, you can apply to Jetstar together with the documents indicating the expenditures you have made until the delivery of your baggage for reimbursement.
    For information on baggage services and tracking lost baggage click here.


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