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    Economy Class

    • To find out the in flight entertainment, in flight meal offering and seat pitch for your flight click here and in put your flight number.
    • Seat pitch of 31 inch with 17 to 18 inch width and 4 inch recline.
    • Audio/video on demand on some flights. Other flights have audio/video available for streaming to your own device.
    • Headphones provided complimentary on most flights.
    • Complimentary meal service with mid-flight snack on most flights. Meals and snacks on some flights need to be purchased.
    • Non-alcoholic beverages, beer and wine served complimentary on most flights. Spirits available for purchase.
    • In-flight power on all international flights and some domestic flights. Wi-Fi available to purchase on most flights.
    • All purchases to be made using a credit card or debit card.

    Premium Economy

    • Similar to Economy Class but with a 35 inch seat pitch and recline of up to 6 inches.

    Business Class

    • Seat-back audio/video on demand provided as well as streaming using your own device.
    • Complimentary drinks, including alcoholic beverages.
    • Premium quality meals and snacks provided complimentary. Snacks only on shorter flights.
    • In-flight magazine.
    • In-seat power provided.
    • Seat pitch of seat pitch of 38 inch, seat width of 20-21 inch and 6 inch recline.
    • To find out the in flight entertainment, in flight meal offering and seat pitch for your flight click here and in put your flight number.

    First Class

    • Available on flights within the US and Canada.
    • Similar to business class but with 78 inch with 31 inch width and seats that transform into fully lie flat beds.

    ‘Polaris’ Business Class

    • Seat pitch of 78 inch on a lie-flat bed.
    • Blankets, pillows and amenity kits provided.
    • Complimentary pre-flight drink and chocolates and premium meal service.
    • Seat-back audio/video on demand provided as well as streaming using your own device.
    • In-seat power and USB port.

    • Originated from the Varney Air Lines air mail service, which also founded Varney Speed Lines later becoming Continental Airlines
    • Changed name to United Airlines in 1934
    • First airline to operate 767s in 1982 and 777s in 1995
    • Purchased the Pan Am Pacific division in 1985
    • Purchased Pan Am’s route to London Heathrow in 1991 making it one of only two airlines able to fly between America and London until the open skies policy in 2008
    • Launched its own low cost subsidiary, Shuttle by United, in 1994 which operated until 2001
    • Co-founder of Star Alliance in 1997
    • After September 11th 2001 terrorist attacks, the airline entered a period of financial hardship and applied for bankruptcy protection
    • Merger between Continental Airlines and United airlines in March 2012 changing Continental branding to United’s with United’s logo changing to Continental’s logo
    • Regional offshoots Continental Express and United Express also merged to become United Express.
    • A319
    • A320
    • 737-700
    • 737-800
    • 737-900
    • 757-200
    • 757-300
    • 777-200
    • 777-300ER
    • 767-300ER
    • 767-400ER
    • 787-8
    • 787-9
    • CRJ200/700
    • Embraer 170/175/145
    • United Express

    Denied boarding

    If a flight is oversold (more passengers hold confirmed reservations than there are seats available), airline personnel must first ask for volunteers who will give up their reservation willingly, in exchange for compensation of the airline’s choosing.

    If passenger is denied boarding involuntarily, he/she is entitled to a payment of ‘‘denied boarding compensation’’ from the airline except in special circumstances.

    On domestic and international flights, passengers denied boarding involuntarily from an oversold flight are entitled to compensation if passenger is offered alternate transport which results in a delay in arrival time as follows:

    0 to 1 hour arrival delay – No compensation.

      1 to 2 hour arrival delay – 200% of one-way fare (but no more than $650).

    Over 2 hours arrival delay – 400% of one-way fare (but no more than $1,300).

    When lengthy delays resulting from denied boarding arise, passengers will be offered accomodation at Deltas contracted hotels or a credit voucher for up to $100 if accomodation is not available.


    In the event of flight cancellation, diversion, delays of greater than 90 minutes, or delays that will cause a passenger to miss connections, United will (at passenger’s request) cancel the remaining ticket and refund the unused portion of the ticket and unused ancillary fees. Passengers may also choose to be re routed on the next available flight that has seats in the purchased travel class.  United may arrange for the passenger to travel on another carrier or via ground transportation.

    If overnight accommodations are available at United’s contracted facilities, United will provide the passenger with a voucher for one night‘s lodging when the delay is during the period of 10:00 pm to 6:00 am. United will provide free public ground transportation to the hotel if the hotel does not offer such service.  United will provide snacks and/or meal vouchers in the event of a delay caused by UA that extends beyond normal meal hours or whenever lodging is required.

    Long flight delays

    If major delay is experienced, passengers will be rerouted on the airline’s next flight with available seats. If the delay was caused by events within the airline’s control and the passenger does not get to his/her final destination on the expected arrival day, reasonable overnight accommodations as outlined above will be provided, subject to availability.

    Lengthy Tarmac Delays at US airports

    U.S. and foreign air carriers do not permit an international flight to remain on the tarmac at a U.S. airport  for more than four hours without allowing passengers to deplane subject to safety,  security, and ATC exceptions.  This applies to small hub and non-hub airports, including diversion airports.

    U.S. and foreign carriers are required to coordinate plans with Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

    Notification of the status of delays must be given every 30 minutes while the aircraft is delayed, including reasons for delay, if known.  Drinking water must be provided complimentary once the delay is over two hours.


    Notice of a claim imust be presented to an office of United within 24 hours after baggage is lost or damaged.

    Liability for loss, damage or delayed delivery of checked baggage is limited to the actual value of the baggage or $3,400, whichever is less, unless the passenger declares a higher value for loss of baggage, not to exceed $5,000.00 including the $3,400 standard liability per passenger and pays the airline a one-way rate of 1 USD per 100 USD of declared higher value.  Click here for more information baout lost and damaged baggage claims.

    People with disabilities and people with reduced mobility

    Passengers should notify the airline of the need for assistance at the time of booking or 48 hours before and check in with plenty of time. See Delta’s United’s policy for people with disabilities click here. 

    See airlines full conditions of carriage here

    NOTE: Conditions of Carriage refer to the country of origin and may not be applicable to all jurisdictions.

    Passenger rights for US airlines flying into Europe click here

    To lodge a complaint with the airline click here

    To lodge a complaint with the US Department of Transport (DOT) click here


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