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    Product Rating 3/5

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    • Welcome juice offered on all ATRs; tea and coffee served before 9.00am; alcoholic drinks available for purchase after 9.00am; sandwiches available for purchase on other flights
    • No in flight entertainment
    • Seat pitch of 30 to 31 inch
    • No blankets and pillows
    • Baggage allowance of 20kg; baggage allowance of 50kg on Special Fare
    • Aviation in Polynesia began in 1943 with construction of first airport in Bora Bora by the American army
    • Transportation of passengers was performed by the RAI (Inter-island Airline Network) from 1958
    • Opening of Tahiti-Faaea airport in 1961 marked the beginning of inter-island commercial traffic
    • The then named Air Polynesie served 6 destinations in 1970 and 11 in 1972
    • Changed name to Air Tahiti in 1986
    • More and more islands with modernized, accessible runways were added to the network from 1987
    • ATR 42-600
    • ATR 72-600

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