Qantas ponders FF points incentive for COVID jabs

May 28, 2021

Reuters is reporting that Australia’s national airline Qantas is considering rewarding customers who have received both doses of a COVID vaccine with incentives like frequent flyer points or flight vouchers to help boost vaccination rates in Australia.

The airline has consistently said that it will require all passengers to be vaccinated when it restarts international flights beyond New Zealand.

“As a large company that relies on travel to put our people and planes back to work, we’re obviously motivated to help with the national vaccine effort,” Qantas Chief Customer Officer Stephanie Tully said in a statement reported by Reuters’ Jamie Freed.

“We’re still thinking through how this would work, but the incentive could be Qantas points, Qantas or Jetstar flight vouchers, or status credits for frequent flyers.”

Australia’s very low death rate from COVID-19 of just 910, has led many Aussies to be complacent about being vaccinated.

Blood clot issues with the AstraZeneca vaccine, while rare, have also put people off Downunder.

There is an excellent article on the AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson issues in National geographic by Linda Marsa. Click the link here.