Five 777Xs in a row. Latest picture.

September 17, 2019

This superb shot of five 777X aircraft was taken by Matt Cawby of Paine Airport.

Matt focuses on the 777X and 787.

You will notice that most of the 777Xs have no engines as these have been returned to General Electric for modifications.
According to Air Cargo World, Russia’s Volga-Dnepr Airlines has received an emergency exemption from the U.S. Department of Transportation for up to three AN-124-100 freighter charter flights between Columbus Rickenbacker Airport (LCK) and Everett (PAE), Seattle (SEA) or Spokane (GEG), in support of Boeing’s 777X production.
The charters, have begun and will bring the engines back to Boeing.
The first flight of the 777X is scheduled for January 2020.


The GE engines have been impacted by durability issues and according to Aviation Week’s Guy Norris “an anomaly was detected in the forward part of the 11-stage high-pressure compressor on a GE9X that was undergoing one of the final batches of certification tests.”

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Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg says the engine remained the “pacing item” as the aircraft moved towards first flight.

“As we previously mentioned, GE, our engine supplier is working through some challenges with the engine that are putting risk on the overall test schedule.

“Based on GE’s latest assessment on what it will take to address these challenges, we are currently projecting that first flight will occur in early 2020 rather than in 2019 as we have previously mentioned.