Latest critical MH370 debris could hold clues to location

September 20, 2019
Blaine Gibson (R) and Nick Connite in Madagascar with the two pieces of MH370 debris

The latest critical MH370 debris, delivered to Malaysia this week, could hold clues to the location of the Boeing 777.

Malaysian authorities received the debris that was handed to wreck hunter Blaine Gibson on Madagascar in 2017.

MH370 was lost in 2014 on a flight from KL to Beijing.

The debris, off one of the engines, is critical as it may hold clues to the speed and force of the impact which would help searchers refine the area where it crashed say, experts.

According to Mr Gibson “this debris was handed to me by local people more than two years ago as a result of the 370 families debris awareness trip to Madagascar. They were supposed to be collected and delivered in August 2017 by Hon. Consul Zahid Raza, but he was tragically assassinated before he could do so. The two pieces were held in Madagascar for two years during the investigation into his assassination.”

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Mr Gibson travelled to Madagascar in June this year and met and communicated with government officials at different levels in an effort to arrange the release and delivery of two pieces of probable 370 debris.

“The baseplate of the vortex generator may provide valuable information on how the plane impacted the water. Mike Exner and Don Thompson of the Independent Group worked very hard to identify the debris from photos,” said Mr Gibson

Mr Gibson added that “this debris is dedicated to the 370 families, and to Hon. Consul Zahid Raza, and his widow H.M Zubeida. Special thanks go to them, to the Madagascar police, Col Gervais Damasy, (Director of Madagascar Office of Accident Investigations of Civil Aviation), to the local people assisting in the search for debris in Madagascar, and to Director Capt. Dato Yahaya and Brig. General Yee Yit Hong of Malaysia AAIB, and the Independent Group.”