Last A380 sadly makes its way through villages in France

June 18, 2020
CREDIT: Philipp Encz @encz
Major parts for the last A380 for Emirates have made their way through villages in France on route to final assembly at Toulouse.
But in a twist, it may never fly as Emirates talks of canceling the last five and paying penalties rather than taking delivery. The airline has said it will take three more that are completed.
These fuselage sections are built at Saint Nazaire and trucked to Toulouse. This village is about an hour north of Toulouse and the clearance between the parts and buildings in some places is down to just 50cm, so walkers are required for guidance.
@anthrsdo tweeted: Goodbye #A380. Last convoy in the village of Levignac, France – a unique moment shared with my #Airbus colleagues. No sadness, only pride.
@encz tweeted: So long !! and so long…Magic moments. Proud to witness #avgeeks history being made. #A380 #weareaviation #wemakeitfly.
Here are some pictures of the sad moments.
Credit: Philipp Encz @encz
Credit: Philipp Encz @encz ·
Credit: Anthony @anthrsdo
Credit: Anthony @anthrsdo
Credit: Anthony @anthrsdo