Geoffrey Thomas on Ch7’s Weekend Sunrise

by Airline Ratings Editors
January 23, 2022
Geoffrey Thomas Editor-in-Chief Geoffrey Thomas has appeared in Channel 7’s Weekend Sunrise program to discuss the ongoing Omicron impact on airlines in Australia.

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About Geoffrey Thomas.

Geoffrey is a world-renowned multi-award-winning writer, author, and commentator who has taken a holistic view of the aviation industry for more than 45 years.

Geoffrey is an outspoken no-nonsense but fair critic of many aspects of airline management, technological issues related to aviation, and those related to safety and the environment.

Geoffrey retired as Chief Editor of the airline management journal Air Transport World in January 2012 to develop Airline Geoffrey was previously SE-Asian Contributing Editor for Aviation Week and Space Technology.

In all, he has won 43 international and national aerospace awards for his work including being a four-time winner of the prestigious Royal Aeronautical Society (RAS) Aerospace Journalist of the Year twice each in the ‘Systems and Technology’ and ‘Business’ categories. He was also crowned overall winner in 2009.

Geoffrey has also been named the Australasian Aviation Journalist of the Year in 2001, 2002, 2009, and 2011. He now judges the competition.

In 2018 Geoffrey was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Royal Aeronautical Society in London and in 2020 a Decade of Excellence Award at the Singapore Air Show for his coverage of the tragic MH370 disaster.

Geoffrey is also the Aviation Editor for The West Australian newspaper and a regular commentator on Australian and New Zealand TV and radio, including the aviation commentator on Channel 7’s top rating Sunrise program, Australia’s most-watched national morning show. He is also seen on CNN, the BBC, and SkyNews. He has been published in Australian Aviation, The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald, and The Age.

He has also appeared in six documentary series.

Geoffrey has co-written eleven books with Christine Forbes Smith and has delivered guest lectures at the University of Southern California and Curtin University in Western Australia.

Four of Geoffrey’s articles on airline safety have been described as seminal by the Professor of Engineering at the University of Southern California Najmedim Meshkati. Professor Meshkati teaches at the world’s longest-running aviation course, the USC’s renowned 61-year old Aviation Safety Program.