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    Rating Criteria

    Economy Class


    • Full meals and beverage service. Beer and wine served complimentary on transcontinental flights after 12 and on shorter flights between east coast ports after 4pm. Spirits need to be purchased.
    • Audio and video on demand through Qantas’ entertainment system. iPads provided on some flights to accompany wireless in-flight streaming of entertainment or use your own device. Qantas in-flight magazine supplied.
    • Seat pitch of 30-inch to 31 inch and seat width of 17 inches. On domestic flights, seat selection for general seats is free, extra legroom seats can be requested for a fee.
    • Pillows and blankets available on daytime flights and provided on overnight flights.
    • Wi-fi on all aircraft by the end of 2018.


    • Full meals and beverages including alcohol after 12 noon. Additional meals and snacks offered. Self-serve snack bar.
    • Audio and video on demand through Qantas entertainment network. Qantas in-flight magazine supplied.
    • Legroom average 31 inches and seat width average of 17.5 inches. Seat selection available. A $10 fee is charged for seats with extra legroom.
    • Pillows, blankets and amenity kits provided.

    Premium Economy


    • Available on A380s and 747s.
    • Superior meal service. Complimentary drink on take-off. Self serve snack bar.
    • Audio/Video On Demand. Noise cancelling headphones supplied.
    • Seat pitch of 38 to 42 inch and width of 19.5 inch with generous recline and extendable leg/footrests.
    • In-seat power and USB ports.
    • Amenity kits on overnight flights, thick blankets and large pillows provided.

    Business Class


    • Full meals service and superior menu.
    • Complimentary beverages including extensive range of alcoholic drinks and cocktails. Additional meals and snacks offered.
    • Audio/Video On Demand. USB charging port.
    • Seat pitch of 37 inch, width of 22 inch. Lie-flat bed on A330s.


    • Full multiple course meal service with hot and cold meal options and alcoholic drinks
    • Audio/Video On Demand on all flights. Noise cancelling headphones supplied.
    • Fully lie flat beds (Skybed) on A380s and newly reconfigured 747s and A330s; inclined (9 degrees). In-seat massage facility on A380 and 747’s.
    • AC power to every seat. USB port.
    • Quality amenity pack with branded cosmetics provided, designer pyjamas and eyeshades offered on selected flights.

    First Class


    • Available on A380s only
    • Restaurant quality meal service. Eight course tasting menu on selected flights accompanied by wines and spirits
    • Audio/video on demand, in seat power, USB port and noise cancelling headphones.
    • Large seats transform to fully lie flat beds with blankets, duvets, sheepskins and large pillows provided. Ottoman supplied.
    • Superior brand amenity and cosmetic kit supplied. Pyjamas and slippers offered.
    • Lie-flat bed with seat pitch of 79 inch and seat width of 22 inch. In-seat massage facility.
    • Founded in the Queensland outback in 1920
    • Originally registered as the Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Limited
    • Grown to be Australia’s largest airline
    • The world’s longest continually operating airline
    • Qantas’ flawless safety record catapulted it to the top of airline preference rankings in the 1980s when aircraft accidents elsewhere were high
    • Launched its low cost subsidiary Jetstar in 2004


    • B787-9 Dreamliner
    • A380-800
    • A330-300
    • 747-400
    • 747-400ER
    • 737-800
    • 787-9
    • Oneworld
    • Major alliance with Emirates
    • Jetstar – Jetstar Asia, Jetstar Hong Kong, Jetstar Japan
    • QantasLink

    Cancellations and lengthy delays
    If your flight is cancelled, Qantas will offer an alternative flight on our services to get you to your destination at no additional cost. If we cannot offer you suitable alternative arrangements we will provide you with a full refund for the affected flight. If your flight is delayed overnight for reasons within our control and you are away from your home port, we will provide you with meals, accommodation and transfers.

    Where your flight is delayed or cancelled as a result of an Event Beyond our Control, such as political unrest, weather delays, natural disaters and strikes, whether you have checked in or not, Qantas will  endeavours to rebook you on the next available flight on our services at no additional cost to you, alternatively, if we are unable to rebook you on services acceptable to you, we will refund the applicable fare. We will not be responsible for paying any other costs or expenses you may incur as a result of the delay or cancellation.

    If your cancelled or delayed flight is from an airport in the EU you are entitled to different compensation and rights. Click here for full details.

    Denied Boarding
    Airline flights may be overbooked. This means there is a slight chance that there may be more reservations than available seats on your flight. In these circumstances, we will offer an incentive for volunteers not to travel on their booked flight. Volunteers will not be entitled to any further payment, refund or compensation. If there are not enough volunteers, we may need to deny boarding to one or more Passengers involuntarily.

    If you are denied boarding due to an overbooking of our flight we will offer you a seat on the next available flight on our services. If this is not acceptable to you, we will provide compensation and any care required by any law which may apply or in accordance with our policy if there is no applicable law. This will depend on the jurisdiction in which the denied boarding occurs. Our denied boarding compensation policy is available on request.

    If you are denied boarding from a flight departing from an airport in the EU you are entitled to different compensation and rights. Click here for full details.

    If damage to the baggage is of a kind that can be immediately ascertained (such as broken wheels or handles, tears or missing contents) or the bag itself is missing,  the passenger must, on the same day and before leaving the arrival hall report the damage/loss to either theQantas airlines counter or other baggage services. If your baggage has been delivered to you late after being lost, you can apply to Qantas, either personally or in writing, together with the documents indicating the expenditures you have made until the delivery of your baggage for reimbursement.

    Lengthy Tarmac delays at US airports click here

    See the airline Conditions of Carriage here

    For details of legislative obligations under EU regulation click here

    NOTE: Conditions of Carriage refer to the country of origin and may not be applicable to all jurisdictions.

    To lodge a complaint with the airline, click here

    To lodge a complaint with the EU click here

    Click here for more information about our Qantas reviews and safety ratings system.

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