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    Product Rating 3.5/7

    Rating Criteria

  • Beverages including alcohol served; sweet snack before 10.30am; savory snack after 10.30am; cold meal on flights to/from New York, Colombia and Bogota
  • No in flight entertainment; some aircraft have cameras that show the view from the front of the aircraft at takeoff and landing
  • Seat pitch of 34 inch
  • Baggage allowance of 1 x 25kg bag for domestic flights and 2 x 25kg bags for international and 10kg carry on
    • Commenced service in December 2005
    • Operates from the two most important business destinations Mexico City and Toluca since August 2008 after the demise of Aero California
    • Flights to the US began in 2011
    • Operates flights to over 30 destinations
    • A320
    • Sukhoi Superjet

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