All Nippon Airways asks public to vote on in-flight meals

October 09, 2019
All Nippon food vote public
Photo: ANA

Ten tasty Japanese dishes are vying for a spot on the All Nippon Airways in-flight menu and the airline is asking the public to vote on which ones should make it.

The dishes are meant to capture the local flavor of 10 Japanese regions with voting split into two distinct periods representing eastern and western Japan.

All are Donburi, a traditional Japanese rice bowl meal.

The airline’s culinary general election dates back to 2013 and last year passengers were asked to pick from a field of curry dishes.

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“We are always looking for new ways to give our passengers a voice and inviting their input on the services that we offer in order to create a more responsive airline,” said All Nippon Airways executive vice president Hideki Kunugi.

“Voting via the internet and social media platforms is a fun way for the public to make their opinion heard and ensure that our offerings align with their interests.”

The meals this year were created by ANA’s elite chef team and the first round of voting, which runs until October 7, will determine the top two dishes from the eastern regions of the country.

They are deep-fried chicken Don from Hokkaido, broiled Pacific Saury Don from Tohoku, grilled mackerel Don from Hokuriku, tuna cutlet Don from Kanto-Koshin as well as  pork cutlet and sweet miso sauce from Tokai.

All Nippon Airways meals election
The contenders in ANA’s inlight meal general election. Photo: All Nippon Airways

The next voting period, from October 18 to October 27, will select two dishes from western Japan.

Voting is open to All Nippon customers across the globe and the top four dishes will be served in International premium economy and economy cabins on flights departing Japan from March 2020.

NA is launching a specially designed website in Japanese and English for the contest, and voting will also take place on Weibo.