New United uniforms hit the runway for winter

January 15, 2020
United work wear runways
Particular attention has been paid to women's work wear.All Photos: United.

It may not be the gauze and haute couture of Paris fashion but passengers flying with United Airlines are seeing a new look on the runways of America.

United has rolled out a winter collection of weather-resistant uniforms designed by Carhartt Company Gear (CCG) for its 28,000 technical operations, ramp service and catering operations employees.

The uniforms are the product of a three-year collaboration between CCG and United employees to deliver hard-working uniforms that could stand up to the demands of their jobs.

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The project involved about 1000 employees from the airline’s international and domestic operations who participated in focus groups and wear tests.

Their input was used to improve the features and functionality of the work clothes.

United work wear winter runways

The result was a wardrobe of more than 50 pieces designed to address the needs of United’s “below wing” workforce.

This included custom-design pockets to fit wands and other tools, color-blocking on hi-visibility gear to address dirt and grime and fabrics designed to address the wide range of climate conditions across our system.

The airline says the designers paid particular attention to women’s workwear to ensure both the fit and function was correct.

United work wear

“Every day all over the globe our employees on the ground are facing the coldest colds and the hottest hots,’’ United human resources and labor relations executive vice president Kate Gebo said.

“Through our partnership with Carhartt – the leader in workwear – we’ve confidently created a uniform collection enabling our employees to look good and feel good while continuing to deliver the best service for our customers.”


CCG senior vice president Andi Donovan said that feedback so far from the United front lines was that the new uniforms were “working hard for each and every one of them”.

The new below-wing uniforms are part of a revamp of all United uniforms involving 75,000 employees.