Is this most luxurious 747 ever built?

July 09, 2020

It is stunning – just stunning, and certainly the most magnificent 747 ever built and it could be yours for about US$400 million.

Actually, the price is confidential but you know the saying if you need to ask the price you can’t afford it!

But $US400 million would be a good guess for this opulent beauty.

Pictures via The Drive

The magnificent 747-8 belongs to the Qatari government and only has 1,100 hours on the clock and importantly just 269 cycles on the engines.

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For the record, it was built in 2012 and is currently located at AMAC Aerospace in Basel Switzerland.

It is fitted out for a crew of 18 and 89 very well connected passengers.

Amongst the appointments are; master bedroom in the nose, guest bedroom, living rooms, lounges, offices, nine lavatories, and five galleys.

Did someone ask about entertainment?

Try this…

  • Five (5) GES (Global Entertainment Servers) connected in series via Ethernet, to store and manage the distribution of AVOD audio/video and/or audio-only media.
  • Each GES can manage up to 20 AVOD clients
  • Camera systems (video only)
  • IPod / HD port (audio/video) HDMI/USB/IPod/RCA
  • 13 Blu-ray players (audio/video)\
  • AVOD system (audio/video)
  • Airshow Moving map (video only)
  • Live TV/radio (audio/video)
  • HD Cameras (FWD CAM, DN ZOOM) and Quad cam in anti-intrusion system
    (PA) System
  • 55” monitor X 5
  • 46” monitor X 4
  • 40” monitor X 1
  • 32” monitor X 1
  • 17.3” VTS Monitor X 2
  • 15.6” VTS Monitor X 31
  • IFE speakers
  • Subwoofers
  • Headphone jack plugs
  • Cabin Management System with Five (5) 15.6” CMS VTS
  • GCS Panasonic eXConnect Ku-band system provides broadband internet connectivity as well as eXTV global television service.
  • Honeywell JetWave Ka-band connectivity system is also installed.
  • Honeywell CX900 router makes it possible to provide fall back option in case one of the connectivity systems is not available, in the sequence of Ka, Ku and SBB system.

Here are some more snaps for your bucket list album.

Firstly here are the seating options – not an economy class seat in sight!


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