Korean Air goes K-pop in glitzy new safety video

November 04, 2019
Koreean Air video K-pop
A scene from the Video. Image: Korean Air

Korean Air has joined the “safety doesn’t have to be boring” movement while launching a slick new safety video it says is aimed at contributing to the global spread of K-pop.

The toe-tapping, youth-oriented safety announcement-cum-music video stars Super M , a “project group” comprised of already successful K-pop members.

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The airline describes  the video as “unconventional, innovative and entertaining” although it goes to great lengths to concede that several airlines have introduced “witty safety videos featuring national celebrities” and at least one case of a safety video in a music video form.

Judge the video for yourself:

There have also been, it acknowledges, a few hobbits and elves along the way as well as a song-and-dance routine

But it is adamant this is the first safety/music video to feature influential K-pop artists.

“Korean Air’s unique safety video drew on the popularity of K-pop and Korean culture,’’ it says.

“Korean Air’s collaboration with SuperM is expected to create great synergy in expanding its global impact and network.

“With the launch of the new safety video, Korean Air plans to actively contribute to the spreading of K-pop and Korean pop culture around the world. “

The idea, according to the airline, is to deliver essential safety information by grabbing passengers’  attention.

It has even mixed five genres in the video — hip-hop, R&B, electronic, deep house and synth-pop — in an effort to broaden its appeal.

“Safety does not have to be serious or boring,” adds a mysterious Korean Air spokesperson who led the creation of the safety video.

“We hope to deliver clear safety messages to our passengers through the brand-new safety video.”

The safety video’s song, “Let’s go Everywhere”, will be released as a single and profits donated to the Global Poverty Project’s Global Citizen campaign.