Forget the bizarre theories, MH370 lies 2,000km west of Perth

March 07, 2019


Forget the Maldives, forget Diego Garcia, forget the Cambodian jungle, in fact, forget the hundreds of bizarre conspiracy theories we have been bombarded with over the past 5 years for MH370 lies approximately 2,000km west of Perth, off the coast of Western Australia.

There is not one shred of evidence to suggest any other location other than where we have been searching and that is the verdict of the world’s “real experts” on the disappearance of MH370 and all 239 aboard.

Certainly, all searchers such as Blaine Gibson, have found are 30 pieces of debris but that debris tells us a lot about where it is and what happened.

Farcical claims, rumors, bungling tear at relatives.  

It tells us MH370 is in the southern Indian Ocean, it impacted the water with considerable force and broke up. After that impact, the debris that floated was quickly dispersed by the current that took it first north and then west towards Africa.

Experts all agree that it is most likely just outside the area where the most recent Ocean Infinity search has been conducted.

And Ocean Infinity stands ready to resume the search on a no-fee, no-find basis and says it is better placed to conduct it than it was 12 months ago.

In an interview with OI chief executive, Oliver Plunkett said the company had spent an enormous amount of time reviewing and analyzing different theories and ideas that had been sent to it.

“We look at everything that we’ve been sent because as we said last summer, it is absolutely our intention — if we can — to return to the search.

“Over time, what we’ve done is very exciting, it’s really proven the technology. We’ve worked hard on our processes, our systems, our procedures.

“Our operation is far, far stronger than it was 12 months ago,” Mr. Plunkett said.

What is now needed is a complete review and refinement of all the data collected over the past five years by the special group of MH370 experts from all disciplines.

Malaysia and Indonesia need to provide such a group with full disclosure of all military radar.

And Malaysia needs to think again about exonerating Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah from responsibility.

It has said that the captain was a “family man” and that a flight on his flight simulator conducted a few months earlier did not point to any premeditated plan to crash the plane.

Last year’s sensational revelations by News Corp’s multi Walkley Award-winning journalist Paul Toohey that Captain Zaharie used Facebook to pursue Malaysian twin-sister models 34 years younger than him in the year before the tragic disappearance of the Boeing 777 destroys the Malaysia claim that he was a family man.

Mr Toohey found that Captain Zaharie, a married 53-year-old, did not bother to conceal his identity, and “openly chased much younger women on social media and risked his career by putting his name to rants against the ruling government, which owned the airline for which he flew”.

Australia’s crash investigator said in its final search report that the waypoints on the captain’s computer, which were recovered after they were erased were from the same flight, not six different flights as claimed by Malaysia.

Incredibly the final way-point on Captain’s Zahire’s computer is very close to where it is believed MH370 is lying.



  1. Will those wanting the search to be initiated again please share with us what they expect and how if they find the debris field and what evidence will be found to have the appropriate parties in Malaysia held to International account. Nothing will happen if those identifies are tried in the very unacceptable malyasian legal sham.