British Airways reopens exclusive Concorde lounges in London and New York

September 01, 2021
British Airways
New cocktails drinkies in the reopened Concorde Room. Photos: British AIrways.

British Airways’ exclusive Concorde Room is back in action at London Heathrow and New York’s JFK as the UK carrier enters the next phase of its lounge reopening plan.

First-class travelers will find the lounges, which reopened September 1 after being closed since March last year, sporting new bespoke cocktail menus as well as the “Forty Winks” sleep pods introduced earlier this year.

The reopening comes after BA relaunched its flagship US lounge at JFK’s Terminal 7 in August following a 16-month closure and it continues to gradually reinstate lounges across its network.

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Seven new cocktails created by globally-renowned mixologist Mr Lyan will include two unique British Airways mixtures celebrating the airline’s heritage and staff.

The two special cocktails are named the Barton and the Lawford after Lynne Barton, the first female British Airways pilot, and Bill Lawford, the first-ever British Airways pilot in 1919.

BA says the menu has been designed “with a focus on the best of British seasonal ingredients that specifically embrace ‘in-flight’ and wind-pollinated flavors.”

Customers in the Concorde Room will continue to receive table service across the whole lounge and take advantage of the “EnergyPod”  sleeping pods.

Power naps for the powerful. Photo: British Airways.

The Energypod is designed specifically for power napping and features a combination gravity-neutral position with a privacy visor.

Customers can set the timer on the EnergyPod to the desired duration or use a one-touch start button to launch a pre-programmed 20-minute nap.

The EnergyPod reclines to elevate the feet and promote relaxation. The adjustable privacy visor can be swiveled into place to block out distractions.

Complimentary audio content for use while in the lounge and traveling can be downloaded via an app.

Concorde Room customers will be able to book an EnergyPod via dedicated hosts, request a time they would like to be woken and choose a hot beverage to enjoy after their rest. Water and hot towels will be provided to add to the refreshing awakening experience.

“As we start to gradually welcome back customers, we want to ensure that they have the best experience possible with British Airways,’’ said British Airways brand and customer experience director Tom Stevens.

“We are looking at every element of the customer experience, from sleep pods and signatures cocktails in our newly reopened lounges to roast dinners onboard and additional benefits for our cardholders – we want flying with British Airways to be memorable.

“Our teams will continue to innovate, and we look forward to sharing more exciting developments with our customers over the coming months.”

Another perk will see BA  surprising a number of its Bronze Executive cardholders on a daily basis in September and October with the taste of Silver Card benefits and access to the Heathrow lounge.