Boeing 737 MAX electrical issue an easy fix

April 10, 2021
The 737 MAX

The Boeing 737 MAX electrical issue that sees some of the jets pulled from service is an easy fix according to Jefferies analyst Sheila Kahyaoglu.

Quoted in Seeking Alpha Ms. Kahyaoglu said “changing the equipment could take hours or days to fix, a modest disruption,” adding that Boeing’s alterations to the aircraft “is not out of the norm, but would seem to get more attention given prior issues.”

The newest problem seems to be “well understood and not related to design but production,” Kahyaoglu says.

The US regulator the FAA said that the problem “could affect the operation of a backup power control unit” in newly manufactured 737 MAXs. Apparently, the problem resulted from recent changes in the production process at Boeing.

In a statement Boeing said:

Boeing has recommended to 16 customers that they address a potential electrical issue in a specific group of 737 MAX airplanes prior to further operations. The recommendation is being made to allow for verification that a sufficient ground path exists for a component of the electrical power system.  

We are working closely with the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration on this production issue. We are also informing our customers of specific tail numbers affected and we will provide direction on appropriate corrective actions. 

Southwest Airlines has pulled 30 737 MAXs from its schedules to make the inspection and if required any fix.