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    Domestic flights

  • Carry on baggage allowance of 5kgs and checked baggage allowance of 23kgs
  • Seats with a generous 34 inch seat pitch are available in the front of the aircraft if you choose the promo fare. Standard seats have a 31 inch seat pitch
  • Seat back screens on the Embraer aircraft show 48 channels of live TV complimentary. Other channels also show pre-recorded popular programs. Bring your own headphones.
  • Simple snack (crisps, biscuit, donut) and softdrink, coffee, tea or water provided complimentary
  • International Flights

    Business Class

  • Welcome drink upon boarding Multi course meal service and wide choice of alcoholic and non alcoholic bevergaes
  • On demand in flight entertainment through seat back TV screens
  • Seat pitch of 48 inch, with a 12 inch recline, leg and foot rest. New aircraft being delivered will feature seats that transform in to a lie flat bed.
  • Amenity kit, pillow and duvet provided
  • Baggage allowance of three x 32 kg bags
  • Economy Class

  • Full meal, alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages included in the fare.
  • Dig -E players loaded with movies, TV shows and games are provided complimentary to all passengers.
  • Seat pitch of 31 inch which recline. New A330 aircraft will feature an extra legroom zone featuring seats with a 34 inch pitch.
  • Blanket,pillow, eyeshade, earplugs and headphones provided
  • Baggage allowance of 2 x 32 kg bags
    • Azul purchased the regional airline TRIP Linhas Aereas creating the holding company Azul Trip in May 2012
    • TRIP Linhas Aereas S/A (formerly Transporte Aereo Regional do Interior Paulista) established in 1998 as a domestic regional airline based in Campinas, Sao Paulo State, Brazil
    • Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras S/A, known as Azul, is a Brazilian domestic low-cost airline that commenced service in 2008
    • The Azul brand name remains with a combined logo of Azul and Trip
    • ER-190/195
    • ATR-72
    • ATR-42
    • A330-200

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