Singapore Airlines’ New York nonstop route revealed

August 27, 2018
Singapore Airliines

Singapore Airlines’ New York nonstop route will give passengers a spectacular scenic ride on route to the Big Apple.

The flight which takes off at 11.35pm will track due north over Malaysia, Thailand and then into China.

By the time the Airbus A350-900ULR crosses into Mongolia, the sun will be rising and passengers will get a great view of Siberia and then the North Pole.

As evening sets the A350 will be crossing over the northern part of Greenland, before crossing into Canada and finally the US East Coast.

singapore airlines
Great Circle Map of the Singapore to Newark non-stop

Depending upon the time of year passengers will likely get two sunrises with the A350 touching down at 6 am at Newark Airport in New Jersey.

That route is the shortest still air route and will change as the crews search for the strongest tailwinds or avoid strong headwinds.

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To help passengers on the long journey Singapore Airlines has teamed with Canyon Ranch, one of the world’s premier integrative wellness brand, to enhance ultra-long-haul travel with a focus on wellness cuisines, rest and relaxation, and well-being on the world’s longest flights.

The Canyon Ranch team of experts from integrative medicine, exercise, nutrition and other disciplines including the 17th U.S. Surgeon General – has developed science-based strategies for improved sleep, exercise and stretching, as well as new, nutrition-focused menus, applied specifically to the 18 hours 45 minutes non-stop service.

The program will also extend to Singapore-US non-stop services to Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Singapore Airlines Acting Senior VP Customer Experience, Mr. Yeoh Phee Teik said “SIA is firmly committed to continually elevating our customers’ experience to be the number one in the industry. Our new partnership with Canyon Ranch builds on that commitment, as well as our strong legacy of service, tapping into their deep expertise and science-based recommendations and strategies to deliver an even more comfortable journey for our customers.”

The partnership will focus on the following components:

Wellness Cuisines – developed by Canyon Ranch chefs and nutritionists focused on nutrition and hydration (taking into consideration longer flight duration with less body movement), combined with bold flavors and textures. These wellness cuisines are offered in addition to SIA’s own meal selections and creations by its International Culinary Panel chefs.

Rest and Relaxation – which includes sleep strategies designed to help customers in all cabin classes improve the duration and quality of rest, as well as specific light settings in providing better cabin ambiance for rest and relaxation.

Guided Stretching Exercises – led by Canyon Ranch exercise physiologists, accessible via personal seatback entertainment systems to promote relaxation.

Non-stop flights to Los Angeles are due to begin on November 2. Together with increased Singapore-San Francisco non-stop services, SIA will link Singapore and the US with 27 weekly non-stop flights by the end of 2018, while total US frequency will increase to 53 flights per week.