Qantas scraps Project Sunrise for the moment

May 05, 2020
Image: Qantas

Qantas has scrapped, for the time being, its long-cherished Sydney to London nonstop dream.

Dubbed Project Sunrise the plan was to operate a fleet of Airbus A350s from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth to London non-stop as well as nonstop US east coast to Sydney and Melbourne.

Speaking with media, Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce said that Project Sunrise was on hold as the airline would not be ordering any new aircraft.

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But he said that Project Sunrise has “huge potential”.

“It’s still a good business case,” he said.

Mr Joyce said the airline was doing a complete review of its aircraft needs and the airline’s six 747s would probably not return to service.

There is also doubt about its 14 A380s and the cabin upgrade currently underway.

Mr Joyce said that Qantas has suspended that work.

“A lot depends on the US and UK markets and how well they recover,” said Mr Joyce.


  1. Sad that QANTAS , in 2020, are STILL flying ( ....or now "were still flying" .... ) 747's on scheduled passenger services. Even Philippine Airlines and AirNZ stopped using 747's in 2014! And QANTAS were the only major international Airline anywhere on the eastern Pacific NOT to buy/use 777's - although I understand Virgin Australia might have a few 777-300ER's they might want to off-load soon? And they have HOW MANY A380's? I didn't realise they had 14. They are "T Rex's" already - would be a waste to add to your $5.8 billion "net debt" by upgrading / refurbishing them - time to start looking for a plot of land in the Arizona desert for them.....