New Airline Beond will connect Europe With Maldives

September 07, 2023
BEOND a319

Beond, a luxury all business class leisure airline unveiled its inaugural flight routes for its upcoming launch later this year. Commencing operations in November 2023, Beond will operate an Airbus A319 with just 44 lie-flat seats. The carrier’s initial focus will be on connecting two European cities, Zurich and Munich, to the Maldives in the Middle East. Notably, due to the A319’s range limitations, Riyadh will serve as a refueling point for these flights.

Beond’s route map hints at future expansions across Europe and Asia.

beond route map

Despite its strong emphasis on the Maldives, Beond is not a Maldivian carrier but a revamped version of ‘Arabesque,’ a UAE-based startup with a history in the aviation industry. Beond’s mission is to offer affordable luxury to leisure travelers seeking an elevated flight experience, and for now, it will exclusively operate aircraft from the A320 family.

Beond’s CEO, Tero Taskila, highlighted the growing demand for premium travel in the leisure sector, noting that many European airlines are witnessing leisure travelers opting for business and first class cabins. Taskila emphasized Beond’s specialization in this fast-growing luxury leisure travel segment.

Beond’s A319 aircraft, equipped with 44 lie-flat seats, will feature opulent touches, including Italian leather and lightweight carbon fiber elements, designed in collaboration with Italian designer Optimares.

While specific details about the onboard service remain undisclosed, Beond hinted at unconventional in-flight entertainment solutions that depart from traditional underseat boxes and bulky seatback screens. The airline’s Chief Strategy Officer, Max Niolv, cited the weight-saving advantages of this approach.

A core message conveyed during the press call was Beond’s commitment to making luxurious air travel more affordable. To achieve this, the airline plans to implement cost-effective strategies, such as operating a uniform fleet and minimizing onboard weight.

In terms of pricing, Beond intends to offer competitive fares, with business class tickets to the Maldives priced at $2,000 from Europe and $1,000 from the Middle East. Notably, there is limited competition on these routes, as Beond will be the sole provider of nonstop business class services from the three launch cities.

Tickets for Beond’s launch routes are already available for purchase here, with three fare tiers offered. All passengers will enjoy the luxury of lie-flat seats and top-notch catering and in-flight entertainment. Higher fare tiers, such as ‘Opulence,’ will unlock additional benefits, including limo services to and from the airport, and the airline is considering adding luggage pickup services in the future.

Although Beond will commence operations with a single A319 aircraft, it anticipates the addition of an Airbus A321ceo before the summer season’s end. The A321 will offer 68 lie-flat seats, and Beond plans to expand its fleet with more A321s and A319s. By the end of the following year, the airline aims to have a fleet of 8 to 10 aircraft and a network of 12 to 14 global destinations.