Boeing’s 777X delivery to slip to late 2024 says new report

April 23, 2022
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Photo: Boeing

Boeing’s 777X delivery will slip into 2024 says a new report from The Air Current.

TAC says “Boeing is preparing for another significant delay in the 777X program with plans to formally slip the jet’s certification target to the last quarter of 2024.”

It adds that Boeing “is triaging competing development priorities along with design, regulatory and market challenges for its enormous flagship.”

The TAC report has also been confirmed by Reuters which said: “Boeing is preparing for a new delay in the 777X program that would push first deliveries by at least a year into early 2025, a source briefed on the matter told Reuters.”

It added that “the delay is in line with an estimate given by the plane’s biggest customer – Emirates Airlines – whose president, Tim Clark, told Aviation Daily in an April 7 story he did expect to receive its first Boeing 777X before 2025.”

TAC says that “an additional nine to 12-month delay is expected, according to three people familiar or briefed on its preparations. Boeing last year delayed the 777X’s arrival to late 2023 – already three years beyond its original 2020 target. The additional delay to the 400-seat 777X program would extend the jet’s gestation to more than a decade past its November 2013 launch with a trio of Middle Eastern airlines.”

At issue is that “Boeing is juggling scarce engineering and regulatory resources and sprinting to complete its 737 Max 10 by year-end with a looming legislative deadline that mandates [new] safety equipment. All this while it is ramping up overall 737 production and concurrently seeking to restart 787 deliveries which have been halted for nearly a year due to systemic manufacturing quality issues.”

TAC adds that “Boeing has been juggling its biggest production and development priorities and the 777X is falling to the back of the pack.”

Read the full report here.

Emirates the 777X’s biggest customer has warned several times that it would look to cancel some of its orders if the 777X was delayed into 2024.

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