Ten great ways to survive an 18 hour non-stop flight

October 07, 2018
Non-stop flight

Eighteen hours aloft sounds scary but here are ten great – and not so great – ways to survive a non-stop flight such as Singapore Airlines new Singapore to New York service that kicks off this Thursday.

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  • Perhaps these sorts of flights, and there are more to come, should be called the “box set flights”. Game of Thrones, DCI Banks, Endeavour, Vera, Midsomer Murders or Attenborough’s endless nature documentaries. Whatever your TV passion the long non-stop flight is a great time to catch up on episodes you have missed on your iPad.
  • Singapore Airlines has added 200 hours to its KrisWorld system for this flight so there are over 1,200 hours of TV and movies. You would have to fly the route 31 times return to watch it all.Singapore medium haul A350 Adelaide
  • Or perhaps world’s longest book: Artamène ou le Grand Cyrus which as 1,954,300 words and it’s in French so bring your translator. But what about starting small with Tolstoy’s War and Peace, which comes in at 561,093.
  • As this is a luxury flight with only business and premium economy, sleep is a very real option so maybe you could tick off eight hours of slumber – leaving just 10 to account for.
  • Use the A350’s WiFi to boast to your friends about your history-making flight with the photo of the champagne and boarding pass – ensuring you hide the bar code. And take endless pictures of your food and wine and the scenery outside and post to social media.
  • Stay in touch with the office from 40,000ft just to show how keen – or crazy you are.
  • Go back to the future and play Solitaire as passengers used to before in-flight entertainment. Or get together with fellow passengers for a card game.
  • What about the story of your life? What better place to start an autobiography than over the North Pole.
  • And as you tuck into the gourmet extravaganza that is Singapore Airlines meal and wine service what about detailing your next get fit program along with all the promises you will never keep.
  • Adult coloring in books are all the rage. There is the “Secret Garden”, “Dr Who”, and the 225-page “Stress Relieving Patterns,” for starters.