Slipping into LAX at sunrise on a Boeing 777

    The approach to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is always fascinating and at sunrise, there is another dimension.

    Planes everywhere, multiple airports in the region and impressive cost line and mountains.

    Every now and again you get the “perfect” angles with sunrise or sunset highlighting the beauty and lines of the plane you’re are on.

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    On this occasion, it was a Virgin Australia Boeing 777-300ER and an early morning arrival.

    Virgin Australia operates Boeing 777s from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne to Los Angeles offering Business suites, called The Business, Premium Economy, Economy X and Economy.

    The airline offers quite possibly the most comfortable configuration of any 777 with options for all budgets.

    Business passengers also get a very fancy bar.

    The Economy X seating is now available across its fleet and the extra legroom product is proving popular among passengers.

    The airline has reconfigured the first three rows of the economy cabin on most of its Boeing 737 fleet to give passengers prepared to shell out extra dollars an additional three inches (7.6cms) of legroom.

    People who fork out extra for the seats on domestic flights also get preferred overhead locker space, priority boarding, and priority security screening.

    Economy X replaces Economy Space+ on short-haul international flights and includes priority boarding where applicable. On long-haul international flights, it also features guaranteed first meal choice and premium noise-canceling headphones.

    The move works on the theory that people are happier to pay more if they think they getting a better experience with additional value but get upset when airlines take away something that was traditionally included in the fare and start charging for it.

    The GE-90 engine featured in the clip is the world’s most powerful jet engine and considered the most reliable.

    The Boeing 777 is the undisputed backbone of the world’s long-haul network.

    The 777 was launched in the early 1990s after its two competitors the McDonnell Douglas MD11 and Airbus A340.

    MDC only sold 200 of the three-engine MD11 which suffered from a range shortfall and Airbus closed the four-engine A340 line after 377 were built.

    Sales of the Boeing 777, including the 777X have hit 1967 with 1,547 built.

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