Passengers will love the new A220

by Geoffrey Thomas & Christine Forbes Smith
July 10, 2018
A220 Editorial Director Christine Forbes Smith highlights the spacious overhead bins on the A220

Passengers will love the Airbus A220 regional jet, unveiled at Airbus headquarters in Toulouse Tuesday.

Certainly not new, it is a rebranded Bombardier C Series but it now has the backing of Airbus and will be sold as part of the aerospace giants portfolio of airliners.

It features a 3-2 cross section with 18 inch wide seats with a generous 33inch seat pitch. And the middle seat of the 3 is 19inches wide! Also, there are very large windows that make the cabin seem far bigger than it is.

And the overhead bin space is the largest of any regional jet and bests many larger planes. was there for the reveal and here are some snapshots.

Passengers will love the A220
The A220 did a low flyby for media at Toulouse Airport

Passengers will love the A220

Airbus A220
The A220 taxis into the assembled media
Passengers will love the A220
Cathay Pacific Airways A350 on a pre-delivery flight taxis past the A220
Passengers will love the A220
A220 cabin in a 3-2 configuration
Passengers will love the A220
New A220 branding

Airbus A220 facts;

Innovative cabin design

  • The A220´s most innovative cabin cross-section for the small single-aisle market offers unrivaled living space for its passengers
  • With its optimized cross-section, the A220 incorporates a 5-abreast configuration for economy class and 4-abreast for business class.
  • Larger economy seats of 18+ ’’, the widest in its class, The middle seats are even wider at 19 in. (48.3 cm).
  • Large and accessible overhead bins with one roller-bag per passenger capability.
  • Large windows provide more natural light into the cabin.
  • Like the A320 Family, lavatories offered on the A220 Family have improved accessibility for passengers with reduced mobility
  • Business class seat width is 21 in. (53.3 cm).

Community benefits

  • Like the A320 Family, the A220 Family offers the lowest noise levels of any commercial jet in production
  • Noise footprint up to four times smaller than other in-production aircraft
  • Fuel burn advantage translates directly into a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions. Therefore one aircraft will reduce an operator’s emissions by up to 6,000 tonnes per year
  • Emits 50% fewer NOx emissions than the standards
  • The design, manufacturing, operations and recyclability of the A220 earned it an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) upon its entry into service, an industry first.