Qantas slams Rex for Trump-styled press releases

February 25, 2021
Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce Photo: Qantas

Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce has slammed Australian regional operator REX for its Trump-styled press releases.

Rex has been accusing Qantas of predatory behavior moving onto its routes during COVID and because of that, it would axing 5 routes.

Mr Joyce speaking at the company’s half-year result said Rex’s accusations were amusing and refuted the claims saying they were Trump in style.

“I  think Donald Trump is writing the releases they give us a laugh,” Mr. Joyce said.

“Of the five routes they say they will cancel we only operate on one and we have been operating on that one since 2017.”

“They have been threatening to withdraw from 13 routes over the past year but have only exited one route.”

On government subsidies, Mr. Joyce said that Rex had received 7 times more in subsidies than Qantas.

“Rex is a $300 million business and has received $130 million in subsidies, which is the equivalent of Qantas receiving $7 billion – 7 times more than Qantas has received.