Fiery Aeromexico crash injures 85

August 01, 2018
aeromexico crash Durango
The destroyed E190.

At least 85 people have been injured in the fiery crash of an Aeromexico Embraer 190  after it hit problems during take-off in the northern Mexican state of Durango.

Mexican authorities said 49 people were taken to hospital and two were in a critical condition, including one of the pilots, but there were no fatalities reported.

There were 97 passengers and four crew on board the plane Tuesday local time when it veered left, ran off the end of the runway and burst into flames.

Both engines were ripped off the plane.

Wreckage next to the runway.

The plane, operating as flight AM2431,  was bound for Mexico City from the Durango state capital, also called Durango, and hail and heavy rain were reported in the area.

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Media reports said the operator of Durango Airport,  Grupo Aeroportuario Centro Norte, attributed the crash to bad weather.

Durango governor Jose Aispero told a news conference that a gust of wind hit the plane shortly after take-off, causing the plane to lose speed and the left wing to hit the ground.

It then skidded into a field upright, allowing the escape slides to deploy and passengers and crew to escape before the plane caught fire, he said.

A passenger reported that once the aircraft came to a stop it took three to four minutes until the aircraft burst into flames, enabling the occupants to evacuate the aircraft.

Another, Jackeline Flores, told reporters she and her daughter escaped from a hole in the fuselage as the aircraft filled with smoke and flames.

“I feel blessed and grateful to God,” she said.

But air accident website The Aviation Herald said ground observers reported the aircraft suffered an engine failure.

Aeromexico chief executive Andres Conesa told a news conference the aircraft was “perfectly maintained” and had been serviced in February.

The crew were well rested, he said.

The airline said in statement: “Our first priority is to ensure the security of our passengers and crew on board this aircraft. At present time we have no reports of any fatalities.

“We’re working with the corresponding authorities to provide medical attention to all aboard this flight.”

“We’re gathering additional information and will provide details as soon as they are available and confirmed.

“We deeply regret this accident and the families of all those affected are in our thoughts. We’re focused on dealing with the situation and are doing everything necessary to assist the families of our passengers and crew during this difficult time.”

According to the Aviation Safety Network, Aeromexico’s last major accident was in 2013 when a Boeing 767  sustained subtantial damage during a tail strike in Madrid. There were no fatalities but the plane was written off.

In January this year, an Aeromexico flight was told to go around at San Francisco International Airport after carrying out an approach on the wrong runway.