Fabulous new pictures of the 777X in flight

March 07, 2020

Boeing has released a new series of pictures of the Boeing 777X from one of its test flights last month.

Boeing says the aircraft is performing well, with more than 25 takeoffs and landings in just over five weeks since first flight.

“We’re now in a planned maintenance period, where we’re also installing and calibrating test instrumentation to support upcoming testing,” a spokesman said.

The longest flight was on February 9th that lasted just over six hours. Total flight time thus far is 61 hours 19 minutes.

All flights, except for the first flight, have been conducted from either Boeing Field just south of Seattle or Spokane, WA.

Highlights to come will be the first flight of the second 777X, N779XX and the roll out from the paint hangar of the first Emirates and Lufthansa 777X aircraft.



The 777-9X seats more than 400 passengers, depending on an airline’s configuration choices. With a range of more than 8,200 nautical miles (15,185 km), the aircraft will have the lowest operating cost per seat of any commercial aircraft says, Boeing.

The second member of the family, the 777-8X, will be the most flexible jet in the world claims Boeing. The aircraft will seat 350 passengers and offer a range capability of more than 9,300 nautical miles (17,220 km).

The driving force behind the aircraft is Emirates President Sir Tim Clark and calls the 777X an “absolute peach.”

“There will not be a city on the planet — aside from the mid-Pacific — we can’t reach,” Sir Tim said. “This (777X) will be poetry in motion . . . it will have enormous versatility.”

Key to the enthusiasm is the aircraft’s incredible economics, being 20 per cent more efficient per seat than the 777-300ER.

The 777X combines the best features of the current 777, with a longer fuselage, new engine and the composite wing design from the Boeing 787.

It also features 20 per cent larger windows, lower pressurization altitude to reduce jet lag and a wider cabin.

Since the launch with Emirates, Lufthansa, Qatar and Etihad Boeing has sold the 777X to Singapore Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific Airways and All Nippon Airways.



  1. Boeing has sold the new 777X to Cathay Pacific? Are Cathay Pacific still going to flying / still in business by the time actual deliveries start)
  2. Yes, they have and I am sure they will still be in business Fred, for if they are not we are all in trouble.!!