British Airways trials robotic cocktail mixers

February 13, 2020
British Airways cocktails
The robotic cocktail-maker. Photo; British Airways.

British Airways is adding new meaning to the term “a quick drink” with the trial of robotic cocktail makers in its San Francisco and Newark lounges.

The machine can mix a drink in under 45 seconds and has a repertoire of 30 cocktails, including locally- inspired British Airways creations Silicon Galley and Echo-Whisky-Romeo.

BA is the first UK airline to trial the artificial intelligence -controlled machines from Barsys and says passengers order a drink by clicking one button on an app.

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They then place a glass on a conveyor belt and let the AI do the rest.  It will track the pressurization and depressurization throughout the mixing process for optimal accuracy.

Barsys sees an airport lounge as the ideal place to test its technology but denies it is trying to replace bar staff.

“We recognize that Barsys will never replace a good bartender but can free them up to make more complicated drinks and interact with customers,’’ said the company’s chief executive, Akshet Tewari.

BA head of innovation Ricardo Vidal said the airline was constantly looking for ways to enhance customers’ ground and air experiences.

“Barsys offers a new cocktail experience and what better way to trial this technology than in San Francisco, in our newly refurbished lounge, and Newark, two of the most cosmopolitan and tech-savvy metropolitan regions in the US,”. He said.

The machine will be available until March for British Airways First and Club World customers traveling from Newark or San Francisco.