Boeing 777X huge folding wing tip in action

July 04, 2019

Here is a video of the Boeing 777X folding wingtip being deployed.

At the gate, the wingtip is in the up position so the 777X can fit into standard airport parking areas.

However, once the 777X is pushed back for a flight and while its engines are started the wingtips are lowered ready for take-off.

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The wingspan of the 777X is 235 feet, and when the wingtips are folded, it reduces the span to 212 feet.

Folding wingtip and folding wings are nothing new and have been around almost since aviation began.

In fact, it was Short Brothers that developed and patented the folding wing mechanisms for biplane ship-borne aircraft with the first patent granted in 1913.

Most commonly used on aircraft carriers, no company has as much experience as Boeing and its legacy companies, such as McDonnell and Douglas with aircraft with folding wings or folding wing tips.

Douglas Skyraider with folding wings.