Fabulous colour video of flying in the Golden Age of travel

May 04, 2022

This fabulous colour video brings to life flying in the Golden Age of travel.

The video is 30 minutes in length and was produced by Shell one of the leading suppliers of aviation fuel.

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So make a cup of tea or coffee sit back and enjoy some nostalgia!!

Featured are the great piston-engine airliners of the 1950s from Douglas, Lockheed, Boeing, Convair, and British manufacturers such as Vickers.

Air Travel Promo Film & Travelogue – 1957

Film by the Shell Oil Company, via the archives of Robert Hoskins. Propliners galore in this wonderful promo/travelogue from 1957. Lots of great footage of Connies, Strats, Convairs, DC-7s, Britannias, Herons, Viscounts, etc. For educational & non commercial purposes only. Check out our You Tube channel to see hundreds of VINTAGE & RARE airliner videos! http://youtube.com/user/mcdonnell220

Posted by Classic Airliner Videos on Monday, 28 September 2015

Here are pictures of some of the airliners featured. All are colourised by Benoit Vienne.



  1. A very good presentation. I really liked seeing the big piston engine'd Douglas and Boeing aircraft and the turbo prop jets of the 50's. I t was a special time in our aviation growth.
  2. So nostalgic! I first flew in the year of making - 1957. I was 18 months old and I'm told I slept the whole flight. There followed flight after flight, mainly short ones in Viscounts but also in a late-version Comet, Corvairs, various Boeings, etc. as well as loads of light aircraft. I had to wait until I was in my 60s though to fly long-haul in a Jumbo. So much has changed, and yet so little in many ways too. Much of what was in that film is still there today, just updated and computerised.I once flew in a helicopter between Belgium (I think) and an RAF base in Germany, in the early 1960s. It must have carried about 20 passengers. I'd love to know what that was all about. I remember it being horrendously slow and noisy with lots of vibration.