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    Business Class

    • Only on 757
    • Superior meal, snack and beverage service
    • No in flight entertainment
    • Baggage allowance of 30kg

    Economy Class

    • Meal or snack and nonalcoholic beverages served depending on the flight time
    • No in flight entertainment
    • Baggage allowance of 20kg
    • National flag carrier for the Republic of Cape Verde
    • Cape Verde Air Club established in 1955 gave way to Cape Verde Air Transportation Company (TACV) in 1958
    • All islands except Brava and Santo Anteo were served with air connections by 1964
    • International flights began in 1985
    • After receiving its IOSA certification in 2011 the airline was given permission to fly into European airspace without restrictions
    • Today the airline operates a network of international flights that include connections to Europe, Africa, South and North America
    • 757-200ER

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