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    Product Rating 3.5/7

    Rating Criteria

    COVID-19 Star Rating Breakdown 6/7

    Rating Criteria

    Economy Class


    • No in flight entertainment
    • Seat pitch of 30 to 31 inch with 3 inch recline
    • No blankets, pillows or amenity kits provided
    • Baggage allowance of 1 x 20kg bag


    • Snack or light meal and nonalcoholic beverages served depending on time of flight
    • No in flight entertainment
    • Seat pitch of 30 to 31 inch with 3 inch recline
    • No blankets, pillows or amenity kits provided
    • Baggage allowance of 1 x 20kg bag

    Premium Economy

    • Available only on Bombardiers
    • Cold snacks, pastries and beverages offered; beer and wine offered after 1pm
    • No in flight entertainment
    • Newspapers offered
    • No blankets, pillows or amenity kits provided
    • Baggage allowance of 1 x 25kg bag
    • Commenced service in 1951 as TAE Greek national airlines before being closed down in 1955
    • Bought by the Hellenic state in 1956 and became Olympic Airways in 1957
    • Faced many periods of financial trouble over the next decades
    • Government tried to sell the airline to private investors in 2005 and 2006
    • The courts ordered the government to repay the half billion dollar debt back to the airline in 2006
    • Launched e-ticketing in 2007 and passenger loads dramatically increased but the airline lacked the required number of aircraft to meet demand
    • Ceased all operations on September 29th 2009 with the full-scale opening of the newly privatized company Olympic Air taking place two days later
    • Aegean Airlines took over Olympic Air in October 2012 however both airlines will retain their brand name and logo
    • Bombardier Dash 8 100
    • Bombardier Dash 8 Q400

    COVID-19 Compliance (6/7)

    – COVID-19 website information and instructions
    – Social distancing on boarding
    – Flight attendant Personal Protection Equipment
    – Face masks compulsory
    – Meal service modified
    – Passenger Sanitizer Kit
    – Deep clean of aircraft

    Denied boarding

    When passengers are denied boarding on a flight, airlines are obliged to first seek volunteers to give up their reservation in exchange for certain benefits. In addition, the air carrier must also offer volunteers the choice between a full refund and re-routing.

    You may be entitled to compensation of between €125 and €600 depending on the distance of the flight and the delays experienced before being re-routed. Where volunteers choose re-routing, the airline must also provide assistance if necessary, for example – food, access to a telephone, hotel accommodation of one or more nights if necessary and transportation between the airport and the place of accommodation.


    You are also entitled to identical compensation to that offered when you are denied boarding, unless you were informed of the cancellation at least 14 days before the flight, or you were rerouted close to your original times, or if the airline can prove that the cancellation was caused by extraordinary circumstances.
    In addition the airline must offer you the choice between:

    • reimbursement of your ticket within seven days;
    • re-routing to your final destination under similar conditions;
    • and if necessary, care (phone call, refreshments, food, accommodation, transportation to the accommodation).

    Long delays

    You are entitled to care by the airline (phone call, refreshments, meal, accommodation, transportation to the place of accommodation) if the delay is:

    • two hours or more for flights of 1,500 km or less;
    • three hours or more for longer flights within the European Union or for other flights of between 1,500 and 3,500 km;
    • four hours or more for flights of over 3,500 km outside the European Union.

    If the delay is more than five hours, and you decide not to continue your journey, you are also entitled to have your ticket reimbursed and be flown back to where you originally started your journey.

    If you get to your final destination with a delay of three hours or more, you may be entitled to identical compensation to that offered when your flight gets cancelled, unless the airline can prove that the delay was caused by extraordinary circumstances. Additionally, airlines can be held liable for damages resulting from delays.


    If your baggage is lost, damaged or delayed, you may be entitled to compensation limited to about €1,220. However, airlines shall not be liable if they have taken all reasonable measures to avoid the damage or it was impossible to take such measures.
    For damaged baggage, you must lodge a claim to the airline within seven days of receiving your baggage.
    For delayed receipt of baggage, this period is a maximum of 21 days.

    People with disabilities and people with reduced mobility

    Under EU legislation people with disabilities and/or reduced mobility are protected from being discriminated against during reservation and boarding. They are also entitled to receive assistance at airports (on departure, on arrival and in transit) and on board airplanes. In order to facilitate the provision of assistance, it is recommended to pre-notify your needs.

    See the airlines Conditions of Carriage here

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    For details of legislative obligations under EU regulation click here

    NOTE: Conditions of Carriage refer to the country of origin and may not be applicable to all jurisdictions.

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