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    • Economy class only configuration.
    • Food and drinks to be bought on board.
    • No in-flight entertainment.
    • Seat pitch of 28-31 inch. Extra 5-7 inches of legroom available for a fee.
    • Seat selection available for a fee.
    • Denver’s hometown carrier for 40 years before it was purchased in 1986
    • Restarted in 1993 to fill gaps in Denver’s mainstream hub-and-spoke system
    • Wholly owned subsidiary of Republic Airways Holdings Inc
    • Regional arm Frontier Express ceased operations in early 2013
    • Serves more than 80 destinations in the United States, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and Mexico
    • A319
    • A320
    • A321

    Denied boarding

    If a flight is oversold (more passengers hold confirmed reservations than there are seats available), airline personnel must first ask for volunteers who will give up their reservation willingly, in exchange for compensation of the airline’s choosing.

    If passenger is denied boarding involuntarily, he/she is entitled to a payment of ‘‘denied boarding compensation’’ from the airline except in special circumstances.

    On domestic and international flights, passengers denied boarding involuntarily from an oversold flight are entitled to compensation if passenger is offered alternate transport which results in a delay in arrival time as follows:

    0 to 1 hour arrival delay – No compensation.

      1 to 2 hour arrival delay – 200% of one-way fare (but no more than $650).

    Over 2 hours arrival delay – 400% of one-way fare (but no more than $1,300).

    When lengthy delays resulting from denied boarding arise, passengers will be offered accomodation and meal vouchers.

    Cancellation and long flight delays 

    If the flight is cancelled or departure is delayed more than three hours, passengers are offered a full refund of any unused portion of the ticket. Alternatively, if your flight is delayed, cancelled, diverted, or if you miss a connecting flight due to controllable situations, frontier will place you on their next available flight at no additional charge or fare.

    Hotel accommodation and meal vouchers will be arranged  if the passenger has no option but to stay overnight to offset the expense. If delayed or misconnected in a connecting city and you decide not to travel onward on the re-accommodation offered, the airline will allow you to return to your point of origin on the next available flight.

    Lengthy Tarmac Delays at US airports

    U.S. and foreign air carriers do not permit an international flight to remain on the tarmac at a U.S. airport  for more than four hours without allowing passengers to deplane subject to safety,  security, and ATC exceptions.  This applies to small hub and non-hub airports, including diversion airports.

    U.S. and foreign carriers are required to coordinate plans with Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

    Notification of the status of delays must be given every 30 minutes while the aircraft is delayed, including reasons for delay, if known.  Drinking water and food will be provided once the delay is over two hours.


    Notice of a claim must be presented to an office of Frontier with in four hours of the luggage being lost or damaged.  Fees for checked baggage will be refunded and a toiletry kit provided to the passenger in the case of missing bags.  Reasonable purchases becasue of lost luggage will be reimbursed by the airline provided there are receipts.

    Liability for loss, damage or delayed delivery of checked baggage is limited to the actual value of the baggage or $3,400, whichever is less, unless the passenger declares a higher value for loss of baggage, not to exceed $5,000.00

    People with disabilities and people with reduced mobility

    Passengers should notify the airline of the need for special assistance before their flight either through the call centre or at this email. Pre boarding and disembarkation assistance is available.

    See airlines full conditions of carriage here

    NOTE: Conditions of Carriage refer to the country of origin and may not be applicable to all jurisdictions.

    Passenger rights for US airlines flying into Europe click here

    To lodge a complaint with the airline click here

    To lodge a complaint with the US Department of Transport (DOT) click here


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