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    Product Rating 5/7

    Rating Criteria

    COVID-19 Star Rating Breakdown 0/7

    Rating Criteria

    Economy Class

    • Refreshments/drinks provided on flights less than 1 hour; sandwiches and beverages including alcoholic provided on flights of 1-2 hours duration; cold or hot meal and beverages including alcoholic supplied on flights over 2 hours duration
    • No in flight entertainment
    • Seat pitch of 31 to 32 inch with minimal recline
    • Pillows available
    • Baggage allowance of 23kg

    Business Class

    • Superior snacks provided on flights less than one hour; a hot meal and alocholic beverage selection is provided on all other flights with the option to dine on demand when suits you
    • In flight entertainment available on the A319 aircraft only
    • 2-2 seating configuration on the A319, A320 and 737 aircraft with seat pitch of 36 inch, foot rest and greater recline than in economy. Seating on the ATR aircraft used onshort flights is as in economy
    • Blankets and pillows available
    • Baggage allowance of 32kg
    • As a result of equity partnership with Etihad Airways (49%), the company changes the name to Air Serbia and fully rebrands.
    • Founded in Yugoslavia as Aeroput on June 17th 1927
    • Yugoslav Airlines began operating 20 years later on April 1st 1947 after World War II
    • Between 1949 and 1992 Yugoslav Airlines was constantly growing and achieved in 1987 its best result in passengers number – JAT was third in Europe and tenth airline in the world
    • Civil unrest between 1992 and 1994 resulted in the virtual grounding of the airline and an embargo resulted in the complete cessation of flights to America and Canada
    • Bans were placed on flights to Europe in 1998
    • Scheduled services recommenced in 2000
    • Name changed to Jat Airways on August 8th 2003 with the split of Yugoslavia into Serbia and Montenegro
    • Air Serbia was launched as the national airline of the Republic of Serbia on 26th October 2013. It serves 29 Euro-Mediterranean destinations directly from its hub in Belgrade
    • A320
    • 737-300
    • A319
    • ATR 72

    COVID-19 Compliance (0/7)

    – COVID-19 website information and instructions
    – Social distancing on boarding
    – Flight attendant Personal Protection Equipment
    – Face masks compulsory
    – Meal service modified
    – Passenger Sanitizer Kit
    – Deep clean of aircraft

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