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    from Spain - February 23, 2021

    Flew Economy Class

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    Since the COVID crisis began, I have always been selecting this company, because of the security measures and attention they offer. Apart from how new their Embraers are, they offer free picnics, soft drinks, coffee, free checked bags and they don’t put any problem at all.
    It is also the only airline that operates between Galicia and the Canary Islands that allowed us to carry an 800 gram Toy Rabbit in a carrier in the cabin. The rest of the companies are prohibited.
    The distribution of seats is usually done by leaving the seat next to it empty, in this way they try to limit contact with other travelers, and they offer the picnic to take away.
    They have recently incorporated antiviral systems for the air, so they constantly renew the air with a disinfection system, which is appreciated in these times of pandemic.

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