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    from United States - July 28, 2022

    Flew Economy Class

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    This was the worst airline experience I’ve ever had. Avelo cancelled our flight from Eugene, OR to Burbank, CA (after flying with them up to Eugene the previous week) without any type of heads up. We found out when we got to the airport. They said the next flight out would be two days later, which was very frustrating because we all have lives and jobs to get to, and not everyone can wait around an extra two days. We ended up spending an extra $500 for last minute tickets from Portland to Burbank via Southwest Airlines (which was a much better experience!!), not to mention the extra $100 it cost to get a shuttle from Eugene to Portland (2 hours away). I have yet to get a refund from Avelo for this flight, and customer service is seemingly impossible to reach. Needless to say, I will never fly with Avelo again. Avelo also claims to have lower prices, but once all the fees and additional costs are added, you really aren’t saving much money.

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