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    from Australia - November 24, 2015

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    IBeware of one thing. KBZ airlines. We needed to fly from Yangon to Kawthoung in the south for one week at the Myanmar Andaman resort on McLeod Is. I phoned them before we travelled and they blatantly lied to us saying that they were the only airline that flies to Kawthong. As we transferred on the Saturday and they informed me they do not fly on Saturday, we had to book hotels for two nights.
    The flight down was on an ancient turbo prop with the two stops, so 3 landings that felt like the whole plane would come apart at any second it shook and rattled so bad.
    Then on Sunday to fly back we go to the airport at 9 am for our 10:30 am flight back to Yangon. It was deserted and we felt like we had finally made it to the twilight zone.
    At 11:00 people started showing up for the other two airlines that we were told did not fly. So I phone KBZ air and was told there is no flights on Sunday, but we had a ticket! So they sold us a ticket for a plane that does not exist. We finally got 2 of the last 3 seats on apex the newest airline with brand new turbo props (highly recommended).

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