Yet more theories about MH370 debunked.

December 09, 2018

Yet more theories about MH370 whereabouts have been debunked.

The latest is from a Danish university professor who claims that the Boeing 777 is located just south of Christmas Island.

What is more, he suggests that a hijacker could have bailed out.

The theory is put forward by Professor Martin Kristensen, an engineer at Aarhaus University in Denmark, and he published a mathematical analysis of MH370’s radar and satellite data.

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However, an MH370 expert that has spoken to says the theory does not stand up.

“His methodology is convoluted starting with a flat earth model and then he goes through gyrations to convert that to an Earth Centered Reference frame so clearly he is new to this.”

“And his BFO (Burst Frequency Offset) part of the model is incorrect, which he has now admitted,” said the expert who wished to remain anonymous.

“His path positions do end up on the 7 arcs, but by a path for which there is little/no other evidence other than a very late hairpin “U Turn”.

On top of this, the arrival of debris in the western Indian Ocean does not fit a Christmas Island location he says.

“He also suggested a number of assumptions that are easily shown to be invalid,” said the expert.

And another theory about an exploding oxygen bottle has also been dismissed by a variety of MH370 experts who say it does not stand up against the known facts.

The reality is that the debris found by a range of people over the past three years tells a compelling story of where MH 370 is located.

Certainly, it hasn’t been found but that does not mean it is not just outside the search area.

“It could be 100mtrs away from where we have been looking,” said the expert.

“Any new search needs a wider sweep and also to look further north.”

It is tragic for the Next of Kin that every new theory – most of which are incorrect or worse farcical – on the fate of MH370 are peddled as fact by the British media, who are clearly more interested in online clicks than they are about the truth.

With more than 70 books about written about MH370 sadly, there will be more – many more – as each new book comes with a flurry of farcical publicity.

Just when mainstream media needs to distance itself from fakes news it is wallowing in it.






  1. MH370 probably did come down somewhere in the search area, but, I feel that if it came down from cruising altitude then it would have disintegrated into many small pieces. Which there are many examples being washed up. Engines and landing gear would be the only relatively large pieces to be found but, sadly, I do not think this will ever happen.