Stunning new images of the Super 60 DC-8

January 02, 2021

We have searched through our vast library to bring you some unique images of the magnificent Super DC-8 built by the Douglas Aircraft Company from April 1965 through to 1972.

Up till the advent of the 747 in 1970, the Super DC-8 series seating up to 259 passengers was the world’s largest commercial jet.

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The longevity of the design is the stuff of legends with many seeing versive with freight companies beyond 2000.

Here, in Super DC-8 Part 1, is a sample of the magnificent jet.

Japan Air Lines DC-8 Super 62. JAL was the biggest operator of the DC-8 outside the US.

Air Canada Super 63. The airline operated both the 61 and 63.

Delta Air Lines operated the Super 61 and later the Super 71 with an engine conversion.

Vancouver based CP Air operated the Super 63

Spanish airline Iberia operated the Super 63.

Air Congo used the Super 63

Air Afrique flew the Super 63.

Eastern Airlines operated both the 61 and 63 pictured above.

KLM selected the Super 63.

Braniff ordered the Super 62.

Alitalia flew the Super 62.

French carrier UTA operated the Super 62.

Swissair a long and faithful Douglas customer ordered the Super 62.