Stunning colorized images of American Airlines classic propliners

February 22, 2022
American Airlines
American Airlines Douglas DC-4. Colorized by Benoit Vienne

Frenchman Benoit Vienne has completed a new series of colorized American Airlines classic Douglas propliners.

The images are of the Douglas DC-4 and Douglas DC-7.

For Mr. Vienne colorization is a passion that started years ago when playing historical video games. That passion was ignited when he discovered colorized photos on the internet.

American Airlines DC-7. Colorized by Benoit Vienne

“I was so impressed by the feeling a colorized photo can bring.

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“A lot of young people feel a bit disconnected when they see a black and white photo but when it’s colorized, the feeling is completely different.

American Airlines DC-4. Colorized by Benoit Vienne

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