Stunning aviation photography

September 21, 2014

There is no doubt that one of the world’s great aviation photographers is Sam Chui.
That skill is brought to life in his latest book Air3.
And what makes his aviation photography all the more exciting is the lengths that Sam will go to get the perfect picture or more importantly, the most unusual photograph.
Well what about a North Korean Air Koryo IL-62 or TU134B? Perhaps it’s the pictures flying around the mountains of Pakistan, an Iranian Saha Air 707 or flying on the last DC-10 passenger flight.
But it’s more than stunning pictures of planes. Sam has combined with colleague and writer Charles Kennedy to bring the photographic adventures to life, telling the story of the region they are flying and the crew taking them on the magic carpet ride.
And the combination is magic!
The 144-page Air3 brings you 11 unique flight experiences with 11 aviation photo galleries  which take you from the North Pole to Mogadishu.
Air3 starts off with photo galleries showcasing Sam’s trademark stunning air to air photography.
For this book he was able to get permission to position a helicopter very close to Heathrow, the world’s busiest international airport, and the results are breathtaking and truly unique.
Air3 is far more than just a superb aircraft photographic book – it’s a spectacular and fascinating travel log of air travel today in all its forms, whether first class on Lufthansa’s latest 747-8I or transporting workers around Africa in 29-year old DC-9s.
Sam has travelled to 50 countries, flown on over 1000 flights and logged more than 3.6 million kms to pursue his passion. 
The book, which costs just US$26.99 is a must for anyone remotely interested in aviation or travel.

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