Sixteen airlines have their safety ratings changed on

August 13, 2013

The EU ban list is a list of airlines that are banned from flying into European airspace due to safety concerns. Until a few weeks ago, all airlines based in the Philippines had a ban placed on them by the EU. However, with the partial removal of this ban, Pal Express and Philippine Airlines have now been awarded one extra star lifting flag carrier Philippine Airlines from a 4/7 to a 5/7 safety rating.

Another airline taken off the ban list is Conviasa in Venezuela

ICAO audits whole countries on their level of aviation safety utilising eight parameters; Legislation, Organization, Licensing, Operations, Airworthiness, Accident Investigation, Air Navigation Service and Aerodromes.  At, any airline that meets the global average for all eight parameters gets two stars towards the seven star total available.

India now meets the global average for all criteria whereas before it met only six of the criteria. As a result, every airline based in India has increased their safety rating by one star. Airlines Air India, Jet Konnect, Jet airways and Go Air now score a perfect 7/7 for their safety rating.

Vietnam previously was awarded no stars for ICAO as they met only four of the eight criteria, however improvements in the most recent audit have resulted in all airlines based in Vietnam being awarded one star for ICAO. This is a great result for Vietnam Airlines, which now scores a near perfect 6/7 for safety.

A similar story exists for Suriname with all airlines based here receiving an extra star.

For detailed information on our safety rating criteria please visit or for the individual safety breakdown for any airline visit.

Below is a summary of changes to the safety rating of airlines this month at

Airlines Previous Safety Rating New Safety Rating
IndiGo 4 5
Spicejet 4 5
Air India Express 3 4
Jet Konnect 6 7
GoAir 6 7
Air India regional 4 5
Air India 6 7
Jet Airways 6 7


Vietnam Airlines 5 6
VietJet Air 3 4
Air Mekong 4 5
Surinam Airways 5 6
Bluewing airlines 1 2
Conviasa 3 4
PAL Express 2 3
Philippine Airlines 4 5