Qantas chief promises cheap fares when restrictions lifted

May 02, 2020
Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce Photo: Qantas

Cheap domestic travel has been promised by Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce when state borders restrictions are lifted.

“A lot of people are wondering what the travel market in Australia will look like by the time people start flying again,” said Mr Joyce writing a piece in LinkedIn.

While Mr Joyce says there is a lot we don’t know he says it will be competitive with lots of low fares.

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“The Australian domestic market has huge potential and for that reason, this is never going to be a one airline town – or it wouldn’t be one for long,” said Mr Joyce.

“Stiff competition has made Qantas better over the years and we don’t want that to stop now.”

“And, frankly, the regulatory pressures on entrenched monopolies tend to make them unattractive.

“Airlines will be keen to stimulate travel demand to get their people and aircraft back to work and restart their cashflow pipelines, repairing the damage done by the devastating and sudden drop in revenue.”

“That’s good news for consumers because it means plenty of good deals.”

Mr Joyce says Australians have done a remarkable job of flattening the curve and cutting coronavirus infection rates.

“We have to be careful not to take the brakes off too early, but restrictions on domestic travel are likely to lift well before international travel.

“That’s great news for our local tourism industry, with more people holidaying in Australia to start with,” said Mr Joyce.

He says he believes that “life will be different as we come out of this crisis.”

“Recovering from the economic impacts will take time for most companies and individuals but if this period of isolation has taught us nothing else, it’s how much we value seeing people and places.

“And that’s why aviation will remain so important.”

Mr Joyce said that a recent survey of its Frequent Flyers showed around 85 per cent are keen to travel again once they’re able to.

“I know our people can’t wait to welcome them back on board when the time is right.”