Passengers risking lives with carry-on baggage!

September 09, 2015

Las Vegas we have a problem!

Passengers evacuating British Airways flight BA2276 were compromising their own and other passenger’s safety by insisting on taking their carry-on baggage with them.

Passengers are going to die in an accident simply because too many are not following very clear crew instructions to leave everything behind.

Evacuation standards of all passengers off in 90 seconds are based on half the exits in use and travellers not taking their carry-on off with them.

Not only does this slow the process dramatically there is distinct possibility that the bags with metal parts extruding will snag and then deflate the slides – rendering them useless.

In the frantic scramble to get often overstuffed bags out of bins, passengers will be knocked out.

Then there is the very real prospect of the passengers jumping onto the slide with the bag and knocking themselves out or another passenger.

Duty free alcohol is even more lethal because if the bottle breaks there is flammable liquid everywhere not to mention broken glass.

And the passengers from British Airways flight BA2276 are not alone.

In a number of other recent incidents passengers have insisted on taking their carry-on baggage off.

While language may be a barrier in some cases in the British Airways incident at Las Vegas this would not have been.