Dramatic video of a Philippine Airlines’ firey compressor stall

November 22, 2019
Credit: Yahoo News

Dramatic video has emerged of a Philippine Airlines’ compressor stall on a Boeing 777-300ER which had just taken off from Los Angeles for Manila.

One of Flight PR113’s engines almost certainly struck a large bird and this caused the compressor stall with the spectacular backfires of flame.

The engine was NOT on fire as reported.

Yahoo News is reporting that the plane was carrying 347 passengers and 18 crew members and all are safe.

While PAL spokeswoman Ciello Villaluna told radio station DZMM that the engine was on fire it was not.

The plane landed at LAX at around 12pm and was met by the Los Angeles Fire Department says Yahoo News.

The Federal Aviation Administration said the plane landed without incident and that the incident did not affect other flights.

PAL 777-300ER lifting off from LAX when it suffered a compressor stall. Credit: yochaimossi