AirAsiaX vs Thai Airways

With amazing food, scenery, activities and an attractive price point, Thailand would have to be among the most yearned for destinations during Covid. We compare two direct flight options to see who offers the best value to get you there.

May 17, 2023

AirAsiaX vs Thai Airways to Thailand – who is the best value?

With amazing food, spectacular scenery, plenty to do and an attractive price point, Thailand would have to be among the most yearned-for and missed travel destinations during Covid times.

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The good news is that they’re back up and running and there are many direct flight options to get you there quickly. Travellers are looking for ways to cut costs where they can and one of these is considering a low-cost airline for their long-haul travel.  On the surface, the low-cost airfare is attractive and affordable but what is the real cost of travelling long haul by the time you add food, water, bags, seat selection and comfort?

We compare the cost and onboard experience on a Sydney to Bangkok return flight on Thai AirAsiaX and Thai Airways departing on October 2nd and returning on October 17th 2023.

Our flight with AirAsiaX came to $900 AUD with the inclusion of a meal and one small bottle of water on each flight leg, a standard window seat, 20kg of checked baggage and a 7kg carry-on bag. We also allowed an extra $45 to purchase snacks and drinks over the two 10-hour flights

Our flight with Malaysia Airlines came in at $1076 which included meals, snacks, unlimited drinks, in-flight entertainment, amenities, 20kg baggage and a 7kg carry-on bag. Seat selection is complimentary 48 hours before the flight.

With only a $176 difference in the fare, the author would opt to fly Thai Airways in this week’s head-to-head. With more seat width, in-flight entertainment and unlimited complimentary in-flight service, the $88 extra on each leg would make for a more comfortable start/end to the holiday. was developed to provide everyone in the world with a one-stop shop for everything related to airlines, formed by a team of aviation editors, who have forensically researched nearly every airline in the world.

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